Miles Cook
November 7, 2005
Here are the new pieces installed on our '69 Mustang subject car. While not as radical as a coilover setup, the Blue Moon and Global West pieces are a huge step up from the factory suspension bits. If you want to be on the path to a good-handling vintage Mustang street car, these tough-as-nails components are about as good as it gets, short of going to a more expensive coilover system.

For at least the past 10 years, various manufacturers have been producing suspension parts for vintage Mustangs that are much better than the original components. Several areas have been addressed, including strength, suspension geometry, adjustability, and more.

Best of all, many of these items are virtually invisible to the casual observer, which is the case with the front upper and lower control arms we're featuring here. Unless you peer inside the fender or have the car on a hoist, no one will know you've updated a daily driven vintage Mustang with suspension bits that take advantage of modern technology. We're all for anything that makes an old Mustang more enjoyable to drive.

Available from any of National Parts Depot's four warehouses, the Blue Moon Motorsports upper and lower control arms are built like Fort Knox. Marketed under the Control Freak name, several applications cover '65-'66, '67, and '68-'73 Mustangs. They're also available in the black powdercoat finish shown here or a polished stainless steel finish. The arms include Grade 8 hardware and are made from 1.050x.154-inch-wall seamless tubing. Equally durable are Global West's tubular adjustable strut rods (top) that allow for more caster adjustment than stock strut rods.

With that in mind, we checked out a set of tubular upper and lower control arms being installed on our '69 fastback project car. A pair of adjustable strut rods is also part of the mix. These parts are a major step up in performance front-suspension components that retain the original architecture of the '65-'73 Mustang front suspension. The next step would be to go to a full coilover system, which is slick but considerably more expensive than what we're showing here.

The Control Freak upper and lower control arms are made by Blue Moon Motorsports, and the strut rods are produced by Global West Suspension Systems. These suspension goodies and numerous other vintage Mustang parts are available from National Parts Depot, which has warehouses in California, Florida, Michigan, and North Carolina.

We've also established a new working relationship with another shop in the Los Angeles area that, among other things, specializes in vintage Mustang repair and upgrade work. If you're in the area, Don & Harold's Automotive Center is a worthy resource for anyone interested in professional help with early Mustangs.

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