Wayne Cook
October 1, 2007
Photos By: The Manufacturers

Paul's Automotive Engineering
Paul's Automotive Engineering has yet to announce pricing on its advanced three-link rear suspension system for Mustangs. The system is nearing the end of development, and preliminary information has it using an equal-length Watt's linkage to center the rear axle, in addition to a centrally located pivoting bracket that attaches the rear axlehousing to the car body. Lower trailing arms locate the axle leading from the stock spring attachment points to the bottom of the axlehousing. Coilover spring and shock assemblies carry the weight of the car.

Paul's Automotive Engineering
9750 Conklin Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45242
(513) 791-1087

Pro Motorsports Engineering
If you're planning on the modification started by Carroll Shelby of lowering the vehicle's upper control arms, then you should know that Pro-Motorsports Engineering has eliminated the ball-joint binding and breakage problem by adding a wedge-shaped spacer between the control arm and ball joint. The use of this kit allows you to lower the arm on '65-'73 Mustangs without binding problems to further optimize the camber curve as the suspension moves through its travel. Fastener sizes have been increased and strengthened, and the upper ball joints included in the kit are modified to accommodate the heavier bolts. The negative wedge kit fits both Mustangs and Falcons and is an effective and economical way to correct the factory-backwards camber curve. The result is reduced understeer and tire rollover. The ride height is reduced by 111/42 inches, and installation requires front-suspension disassembly, drilling, and then realignment. An internal spring compressor is also required. The cost of the kit is $249.95.

Pro Motorsports Engineering
9479 S. Sandy Pkwy.
Sandy, UT 84070
(801) 563-1111

Revelation Racing Supply
Revelation Racing Supply of Australia offers a state-of-the-art, three-link rear suspension to fit classic Mustangs. From acceleration and handling standpoints, it's a far better arrangement than the stock leaf-spring suspension as it controls axle movement precisely in all three planes of motion. An equal-length Watt's linkage assembly locates the axle in the center of the car, while firmly controlling any sideways movement. A center torque arm or traction bar attaches to the front of the differential case and prevents axle windup with its long moment of leverage. Dual trailing arms locate the axle in the front-to-rear plane, while coil springs installed over Koni shocks support the weight of the car. The OE leaf springs are eliminated entirely. RRS' three-link rear suspension retails for $3,500. Also available is a MacPherson strut front suspension for classic Mustangs, with prices ranging from $2,650 to $4,495.

P.O. Box 5849
Aiken, SC 29803
(866) 805-1878

Rod & Custom Motorsports
Rod & Custom Motorsports' coilover front suspension is available for '65-'70 Mustangs, '62-'70 Fairlanes, '60-'70 Comets and Falcons, and '67-'70 Cougars. It replaces the entire front suspension of the car and completely eliminates the shock towers, making it a perfect choice if your plans include a larger engine. The Rod & Custom suspension incorporates a new main structural crossmember and uses tubular control arms, Mustang II-type spindles and disc brakes, and rack-and-pinion steering. The retail price for the coilover front-end kit is $2,495. New from R&C is the triangulated four-bar rear coilover kit. No welding is needed for installation, and the kit uses a slide-adjust mounting system to bolt the coilover shocks and lower links to the axle. The upper two links are adjustable for fine-tuning on pinion angle, if necessary. The kit comes with all grade-eight hardware, instructions, and a coilover spanner wrench. The retail price is $1,695.

Rod & Custom Motorsports
448 Green Acres Rd.
Florence, SC 29505
(843) 629-1273

Total Cost Involved
TCI introduces its all-new front-suspension package for '65-'70 Mustangs. Designed to lower the stance and dramatically improve both handling and braking, the kit opens up the engine-compartment area for header clearance and big-block engine installation. The weld-in kit comes with frame-reinforcing plates, inner fender panels, a crossmember, upper A-arms, and shock mounting towers. The tubular control arms are urethane-bushed, and the Total Cost Involved custom spindles are controlled by power rack-and-pinion steering. The photo shown includes the options of polished stainless A-arms, chrome spindles, chrome antiroll bar, and polished billet coilovers. Also available are custom 11-inch disc brakes with polished billet calipers and backing plates. The photo shows the available air-spring suspension on one side and the coilover shock arrangement on the other. Larger brake-rotor sizes will also be available, however, as of this writing, the pricing has yet to be announced.

Total Cost Involved Engineering
1416 W. Brooks St.
Ontario, CA 91762
(800) 984-6259

Ron Morris Performance
The new Ron Morris Performance "Street Force" tubular coilover front suspension system improves the handling and ride of your Mustang over the factory stock suspension. One great aspect of the Ron Morris system is that the threaded body of the shock absorber allows for 3-4 inches of travel for ride-height adjustment. Because of improved suspension geometry, lighter-rate coil springs and softer shock settings can be used. The result is more suspension travel and better ride quality. The RMP frontend equipment is far stronger than the stock components, and because spherical ends are used instead of rubber bushings, a more precise alignment is possible. The kit costs $2,250.

Ron Morris Performance
1001 Reno Ave., Ste. 2F
Modesto, CA 95351
(209) 605-1590

Align In Time
Many of us will choose to do our suspension-upgrade project in the home garage with a floor jack and a set of jackstands. Keep in mind that once a front-suspension swap is completed, you'll need an alignment no matter how careful you've been to retain the old settings.

Also, remember that the drive to the alignment shop should be a short one and done right away. If that's not possible, make arrangements to trailer the car. Even a few miles on a set of tires with the front end out of whack can be enough to ruin them. Usually, an aftermarket-suspension company will also provide you with new alignment settings, so be sure your shop of choice is willing to go "off the book" and use the settings you provide them. A four-wheel, laser-guided alignment and high-speed, on-car tire balancing will give you the best ride and handling, and the longest tire life.