Wayne Cook
October 1, 2007
Photos By: The Manufacturers

As their classic-Ford projects move forward, people often make performance improvements in the power and braking departments. Once these worthwhile upgrades are in place, many discover that the original-equipment suspension isn't up to the task.

Once it has fuel injection, overdrive, and all-wheel disc brakes, the performance window of a '65 Mustang will be so large that a '64 Falcon suspension won't be able to comfortably handle the demands. While the OE hardware is OK for cruising around town or doing 65 mph on the freeway, you'll begin to feel the original suspension's limitations as the speed rises. To safely keep pace with modern traffic, some suspension improvements are in order.

One of the great things about classic Mustangs, as well as many other special-interest Fords, is that they can be made to handle as well as a modern car. Aftermarket upgrades abound for these cars, ranging from the simple upgrading of the original suspension with improved standard configuration parts to an all-out coilover front suspension backed by a modern three-link or IRS rear. With the right preparation, a '65 Mustang can give a Corvette all sorts of headaches on the road or at the track.

Join us in this guide to some of the best suspension replacement and improvement hardware available. While the list doesn't include everything these manufacturers offer, all products featured here give excellent results.

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Air Ride Technologies
Air Ride Technologies offers an air-suspension system that fits classic Mustangs and works at all four corners of the vehicle. The whole suspension can be adjusted from inside the car at the touch of a button. Dual on-board compressors and an air-storage tank make it possible.

Air Ride Technologies
350 S. St. Charles St.
Jasper, IN 47546
(812) 482-2932

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Chris Alston Chassisworks
Chris Alston Chassisworks offers the Total Control Products rear pushrod suspension system. It offers greatly improved handling performance for classic Mustangs and other Fords. The original leaf-spring suspension uses the springs themselves to handle rearend housing movement in all directions. The system replaces the leaf springs with double-adjustable coilover shocks, tubular trailing arms, a Watt's linkage assembly, and a heavy-duty torque arm. This separation of control to individual components results in consistent, predictable handling. Additional benefits include significant improvement to chassis rigidity and exact tuning adjustments, including ride height, wheel base, housing alignment, and pinion angle. Shock valving is also adjustable, and there's a choice of available spring rates. The MSRP for the kit is $4,889. Total Control offers a wide variety of performance suspension products for classic Mustangs, including a coilover independent front suspension system.

Total Control Products at Chris Alston Chassisworks
8661 Younger Creek Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95828
(916) 388-0295

Anthony Jones Engineering
AJE is well known for its late-model Mustang tubular-replacement engine cradles-or K-members-and other suspension upgrades, including tubular control arms, coilover shocks, and struts. For years, the company's products have been used successfully in drag racing and street performance. Now you can have the same quality hardware as your late-model friends with AJE's new tubular front suspension kits for '64-'70 Mustangs. Available in manual or power steering (using the Fox Mustang rack-and-pinion), and for use with Fox or SN-95 spindles, these systems are a complete bolt-in and allow for numerous engine installation options, from small-block and modular Fords to even Brand X, if you so desire. Fox spindle kits run $2,377, while SN-95 spindle kits cost $2,477.

AJE Racing
6235 N. Co. Rd. 275 W.
North Vernon, IN 47265
(800) 877-7233

Blue Moon Motorsports
Blue Moon's line of Control Freak suspension components includes these tubular upper and lower control arms for '65-'73 Mustangs. The upper control arms incorporate the negative-wedge mounting of the ball joint, making them ideal for the 1-inch upper-control-arm drop as used on early Shelby GT350 Mustangs. The upper control arms are available powdercoated for $599 per pair, and a stainless steel version is priced at $799 per pair. Lower control arms are priced at $399 and $599, respectively.

Blue Moon Motorsports
240 Old Sanford-Oviedo Rd.
Winter Springs, FL 32708
(888) 325-6462

DVS Restorations
Enjoy late-model ride and handling in your classic Mustang. The DVS IRS kit installs the '99-up Mustang Cobra independent rear suspension into the '67-'70 Ford Mustang and Cougar. The base kit retails for $1,599 and comes complete with Koni coilover shocks, coil springs, laser-cut brackets, and stainless steel frame inserts. High-grade hardware and a 23-page installation manual are also included. Easy bolt-in installation means no welding is required. Normal-wear items are available from your local Ford dealer, and the shock absorbers can be rebuilt. Choose from a wide selection of aftermarket parts, including axle ratios and brake assemblies.

DVS Restorations
910 S. Louise Ave.
Crawfordsville, IN 47933
(765) 362-1967