Wayne Cook
September 23, 2005

Hot Rod Rob is one of our cohorts here at the office, and he's got a good-looking '65 {{{Mustang}}} hardtop. After a couple years work, it's got a straight body with nice paint and a fresh rebuild on the 289 V-8 underhood. Rob's been thinking about trying his car out on a road course, but the steering isn't as precise as he would like it to be. Even though the hardtop has had a recent alignment and new radial tires, the car wanders at speed. The steering has a loose feel with a large on center spot, as well. When these factors are combined with the OE-style power steering, the result is not confidence inspiring at high speeds. While the front end of Rob's car is in fair shape, he's decided to go with a new front suspension from Total Control (TC).

TC is a division of Chris Alston Chassis Works, and under their new direction a whole array of vintage Mustang suspension products are offered. Rob has chosen to go with the Total Control coilover front suspension kit (PN TCP FCOC-FD, $2,200, for '64-'70 Mustangs, '60-'65 Falcons, Comets, Rancheros, and '66-'67 Fairlanes and Rancheros). With its tubular upper-and-lower control arms and coilover shock arrangement, the new suspension is a significant departure from the original equipment, yet all of the stock mounting points are used.

There's virtually no cutting, welding, or modification to the car. A template is included in the kit for the lowering of the upper control arms, but Rob decided not to lower them at this time. However, he hasn't ruled it out as a future modification. He wants to experiment with his car using the new suspension setup all by itself, and then continue with his modifications as he goes along. Such future improvements might include the upper control arm drop, a rack-and-pinion steering installation, and bigger tires and brakes.

Let's look at the Total Control coilover suspension kit, and then we'll look in on the installation at Marlo's Frame and Alignment in Chatsworth, California.

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