Jeff Ford
March 1, 2004
Contributers: Eric English Photos By: Eric English, Shelby Cox

Some Race TipsBelow are some photos to give you a heads up on what to expect at the track. Though this is definitely not the be-all and end-all of information, we want to help you get more comfortable driving on the track.

Whats My Line?In racing you'll hear a lot of folks talk about "line." Line is the most graceful way around the track. In the photo sequence the Shelby is using a wide arc to negotiate the turn. Note the darker pavement and the cones. The cones show the apex of the corner, and you should try and get as close to these as you can without knocking them over. The darker pavement is the typical "line" drivers have used in the past.

And In This CornerThese two are not just hanging out, they are working the track. This post is linked to all the others on the track by point-to-point (PTP) radios. If a problem happens elsewhere, the track workers will display a flag to let the driver know what to do. Yellow is caution, red is stop, and black, with a point at you, is your sign you have mucked up really bad and must leave the track. No flag? No problems.

Best Suited And InsuranceThough there are cars better suited to go faster, anyone can open track their Ford. We've seen Mustangs, Falcons, and even Galaxies on the track at events-nothing is sacred. remember, like drag racing, there is no insurance on the track you race. you crash, you pay. So, keep that in mind before you buckle-up and drive.