Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
May 1, 2009
Moving up front, and with the front wheel on the ground, we can unbolt the factory alignment plate.

The third part of Summit Racing's Value Pack is the Strange Engineering externally adjustable struts and shocks. Twist the black knob at the bottom of the damper, and you have 10 different settings to help you fine-tune the compression and rebound at each corner of the vehicle. On the front struts, settings 2 and 3 are for drag racing, when you need the weight of the vehicle to transfer rearward. Settings 4 and 5 are for street driving, and 7 and 8 tighten things up for road course or autocross duty. With the rear shocks, Strange recommends position 5 or lower for drag racing. Should you experience wheel hop, you'll want to turn it up to firm up the shocks. Every vehicle is different, so you'll want to take it to the track to see what settings offer the optimum traction for the given task.

Next, remove the nut on top of the struts, as well as the lower bolts. Then remove the strut.

For our install, we dropped by HP Performance in Orange Park, Florida. If you've been following our Recession Special build, then you know we used HP Performance to dyno test our budget-built 302, as well as install the B&G Custom Turbo system. Swapping struts, shocks, and springs is pretty easy work for most shops these days, and our installation went very smoothly. If you're doing the swap yourself, figure about four to five hours, and don't forget to have the car aligned at an alignment shop before you hit the road.

We were able to sample the Strange Engineering adjustable struts and shocks in another Fox Mustang prior to this install, so we knew they could provide the tuning we needed for daily driving, dragstrip burning, and corner turning. Whether you choose the FRPP B or C springs, you'll get that lowered, aggressive stance that all Mustang enthusiasts love to look at. We found the B springs provided a comfortable ride, and cranking the dampers one way or the other helped fine tune our filly for whatever we needed it to do. We'll be sure to give the suspension a workout in some of our upcoming tech stories. If you're looking for a tunable suspension for your Fox Mustang that won't break the bank, look no further than the Summit Racing's Value Pack.