Vinnie The Hitman
February 1, 2009
Photos By: Michael Galimi, Frank Cicerale

With the full Steeda suspension in place (G-Trac Street, Stages 1 through 4), we let Winter back on the track, and as expected, he was 6.74 seconds quicker using the NT-555 tires. The drastic time drop was easy to see as the car simply hooked and went. As he states, "In certain areas, I was as much as 15 mph faster because I was able to plant the power fully and earlier in the turns without the car being unstable. That made the biggest difference, in addition to the flatter cornering in the faster turns."

Our subsequent follow-up drive on the road course backed his comments and reinforced our belief in leaving track driving for the track. But later, the ultimate test was on the street where we could see how it was to live with the new suspension. The ride is slightly stiffer than before. We'd say the ride is about 10-15 percent firmer. The car now has a more aggressive stance that not only looks the part, but also acts the part with incredible stability on the highways and byways.