Wayne Cook
October 1, 2008
Contributers: Huw Evans Photos By: The Manufacturers

Saleen Speedlab '05-'06 Mustang suspension kit
Saleen (www.saleen.com; (800) 888-8945), one of the very first companies to develop premium suspension systems for late-model Mustangs, has powered many Mustangs and Fords to the winner's circle over the years.

That expertise has been carried over from the racetrack to the street, and today Saleen's Speedlab division offers up its premium suspension kit for S197 Mustangs. This includes specially calibrated and tuned front struts and rear shocks, progressive-rate springs front and back, along with a replacement front sway bar. Installing this kit not only provides improved looks by dropping your Mustang 1 inch in front and 3/4 inch in the rear, but it noticeably improves the car's cornering ability, giving it a much lighter, more controllable character compared with the stock suspension. The Saleen kit is listed as PN 10-1300-A11503 and we found it listed for $799.99.

Tokico HP Suspension Kit for '87-'93 Mustangs
Having demonstrated the potential of its suspension equipment on cars such as the esteemed '01 Mustang Bullitt, Tokico (www.tokicousa.com; (562) 295-2500) now offers a wide range of upgrades for '87-to-present Mustangs. Fox aficionados might want to check out the company's HP suspension kit designed for the '87-'93 5-liter cars. The kit comes with front struts and rear shocks and a set of ultra-high-grade steel/alloy lowering springs and is a direct bolt-in for the factory hardware. The lowering springs reduce ride height by approximately 1 inch in the front and 3/4 inch in the rear.

Two packages are available, one with non-adjustable HP struts and shocks, and another with Tokico's Illumina five-way adjustable units, designed for more serious drivers who like to fine-tune their Mustang's shock valving to suit their particular driving style, along with road conditions. Both kits carry a limited lifetime warranty and will noticeably improve the handling and poise of your 5-liter Mustang. We were able to find a list price for this kit of $414.95.

Tokico HP Suspension Kit for '89-'97 Thunderbirds
When introduced, the MN12-chassis Thunderbird was a smooth-riding and well-handling car. However, now that the youngest specimens are more than 10 years old, the suspension could probably use an upgrade.

Tokico's HP suspension package, designed specifically for these cars, can help. It includes a set of four premium lowering springs (made from chrome silicon spring alloy that are heat-treated and shot-peened) which drop the car by 1.25 inches front and rear, to lower the center of gravity and improve cornering, along with a set of Tokico HP gas-charged shocks, which are designed to ensure a compliant ride at lower speeds and deliver improved control and handling at medium to higher velocity.

The kit is designed to work in conjunction with larger-than-OEM wheel and tire combinations, which are popular on these cars. The kit will fit base Thunderbirds with the normally aspirated 3.8L V-6 engine, the 5.0L and 4.6L LX/Sport models, and the 3.8L supercharged Super Coupe. Listed as PN T38HPK221, the kit retails for $391.36.