Wayne Cook
October 1, 2008
Contributers: Huw Evans Photos By: The Manufacturers

JME Enterprises PS-1 Suspension system
JME Enterprises (www.jmeenterprises.com; (619) 669-9904) offers the PS-1 suspension system for '64-'70 and '79-'04 Mustangs. The double wishbone design replaces the strut suspension on '79-and-newer Mustangs. All suspension geometry is optimized for unsurpassed handling and performance with zero bumpsteer.

The PS-1 system is tested and proven on the racetrack. The modular construction center section of the K-member is removable for access to take out the oil pan without removing the engine or K-member. Wheel track and width are adjustable for race application and 3/8-inch drive adjusters on control arms make alignment adjustments easy. Spindles incorporate a 2-inch drop in ride height to maintain proper suspension geometry and have caster already built in for better stability.

The PS-1 is available in a traditional upright shock or a cantilever pushrod design (shown). An adjustable antiroll bar provides a wide range of adjustability. Self-lubricating spherical bearings require no maintenance. The system can accommodate any caliper combination and uses off-the-shelf Fox or SN95 Mustang rack-and-pinion steering racks.

Mustangs Plus Grab-A-Trak Performance Suspension Rebuild Kit
This Grab-A-Trak Performance Suspension Rebuild Kit from Mustangs Plus (www.mustangsplus.com; (800) 999-4289) is a great front suspension refurbishment value. The Grab-A-Trak upper and lower control arms and new coil springs with the spring rate of your choice will have your front end at better-than-factory specs and ready for the alignment shop. The control arms come ready to go with new ball joints, cross-shafts, and bushings. Included in the kit, but not shown, are new spring perches, rubber upper spring cushions, and new antisway bar links. The kit for '65-'66 and '67-'73 Mustangs costs just $329.95.

National Parts Depot Classic Mustang Lowering Kit
If you're in the final stages of your classic Ford suspension upgrade project, one of the last things to do is to lower the back end of the car and National Parts Depot (www.npdlink.com; (800) 874-7595) can help. By lowering the rear, the vehicle roll center will be effectively lowered, which reduces weight transfer in turns and enhances overall handling. The lowered stance will also look great and help you put just the right rake on your car. The 1-inch lowering kit for '65-'66 Mustangs is PN 55001A, while '67-'73 Mustangs use PN 55002A. Both cost only $28.95.

For a more complete handling upgrade, choose the NPD Street Bandit Handling kit for $409.95. Besides lowering blocks, the Street Bandit Kit includes four KYB Gas-A-Just shocks, front and rear antisway bars, and front coil springs.

Pro-Motorsports Engineering Negative Wedge Kit
If you're planning on lowering your Mustang's upper control arms, then you should know that Pro-Motorsports Engineering (www.pro-motorsports.com; (801) 563-1111) has eliminated the ball joint binding and breakage problem by using a wedge-shaped spacer between the control arm and ball joint.

The use of this kit allows you to lower the arm on '65-'73 Mustangs without binding problems to further optimize the camber curve as the suspension moves through its travel. Fastener sizes have been increased and strengthened and the upper ball joints included in the kit are modified to accommodate the heavier bolts.

The Negative Wedge Kit fits both Mustangs and Falcons and is a very effective and economical way to correct the factory backward camber curve, resulting in reduced understeer and tire rollover. The ride height is reduced by 11/2 inches and installation requires front suspension disassembly, drilling, and re-alignment. An internal spring compressor is also required. The cost of the kit is $249.95.