Wayne Cook
October 1, 2008
Contributers: Huw Evans Photos By: The Manufacturers

Late-Model Mustang and Ford Suspension Packages

BMR Fabrication Level 1 Handling PackageDoing the homework for you, BMR (www.bmrfabrication.com; (813) 986-9302) has combined some of its best-selling items into a complete suspension package for you '05-'08 Mustang owners. The kit combines both front and rear replacement sway bars (PN SB022 and PN SB023), premium Tokico D-spec front struts and rear shocks (PN DSP-12), upper front strut mounts (PN SM001), 1-inch lowering springs (PN SP-009), adjustable rear Panhard rod (PN PHR-006), rear control arm relocation brackets (PN CAB-005), and a set of camber bolts (PN FC-001). Combining all these items together results in a package that delivers a lot for the money. We found the Level 1 package listed for $1,625.

Ford Racing Shelby GT500 FR3 Handling Pack
Due to its unique drivetrain, the '07-and-up Shelby GT500 features specific suspension components to help achieve a balanced level of ride and performance handling.

Hot on the heels of its popular Handling Pack for Mustang GTs, Ford Racing Performance Parts (www.fordracingparts.com; (800) FORD788) has released an FR3 kit for the Shelby to further improve its cornering agility and turn it into a highly capable street/track car. The kit includes specifically tuned front struts and rear shocks developed by Multimatic Motorsports (PN M18000C), a set of lowering springs (PN M5300L), front and rear sway bars (PN M5490B) and a strut-tower brace (listed as PN M20201C). Please note that this kit is designed for Shelby GT500 coupes only.

Granatelli Motor Sports 1G Suspension System
In an effort to give enthusiasts of both V-6 and GT '05-'08 Mustangs a complete and effective suspension upgrade package, Granatelli Motor Sports (www.granatellimotorsports.com; (805) 486-6644) has put together some of its most popular components under a single umbrella.

The 1G system is designed to reduce chassis flex, and improve stability and handling of the car at higher speeds. Correctly installed, the 1G allows your Mustang to generate up to 1.0 lateral g on a 200-foot skidpad. The kit features progressive-rate lowering springs, Tokico adjustable front struts and rear shocks, billet adjustable caster/camber plates, a double-tube front strut-tower brace, a rear strut-tower brace for behind the back seat, a lower front chassis A-arm brace, heavy-duty motor mounts, a driveshaft loop, front and rear sway bars, a stronger upper third link, replacement lower control arms, and Panhard rod and subframe connectors.

Global West Traclink Traction Kit
If you've tried pushing a Fox Mustang to the limit, especially with the stock suspension, then you know how precarious the car can feel at times. Hard braking can cause the front to feel like it's standing on end while the rear starts getting squirrelly the instant you hit the throttle.

Global West (www.globalwest.net; (877) 470-2975) has a solution for these white-knuckle woes, in the shape of its Traclink Traction kits. A complete bolt-in system that includes a torque arm, Panhard bar, rubber bushings, mounts, and driveshaft safety loop brackets, the Traclink enables the Mustang's rearend to remain free from binding, increasing suspension travel, reducing standing/start wheelhop, and providing greater wet-weather traction without compromising the car's ride quality or ground clearance. It also helps reduce nose dive under braking and, because it eliminates the quad shock system, allows for bigger wheels and tires to be installed

The Traclink for '79-'93 Mustangs is listed as PN TSF-93 and retails for $481.04. Another kit (PN TSF-93A) is designed for '87-'93 Mustangs that use aluminum rear differential covers. Kits are also available for '94-'95 V-8 Mustang GTs (PN TSF-43) and '96-'98 4.6-engined Mustang Cobras (PN TSF-63).