Wayne Cook
October 1, 2008
Contributers: Huw Evans Photos By: The Manufacturers

Griggs Racing GR-40 Ultimate Street Complete Chassis Upgrade
To those who've been around Mustangs for some time, the name Griggs Racing (www.griggsracing.com; (707) 939-2244) needs little introduction. For years, Griggs Racing has been transforming stock late-model Mustangs into supple riding Porsche killers that can hold their own on both street and track, thanks to its GR-40 packages for Fox and SN95 chassis cars.

The company has released its latest GR-40 package, designed for '05-and-up Mustangs-the GR-40 Ultimate Street Complete Chassis. From the outset, this kit was configured to give maximum hookup and cornering performance and focuses on the weakest link of the S197 cars-the front suspension-and manages to shave 250 pounds off the front end.

It includes a tubular front cradle, premium Koni SLA street adjustable coilovers, tubular front lower control arms, SLA tower adjustment, bumpsteer kit, a performance lower steering shaft, performance variable ratio power steering rack (15:1), upper ball joints, ball joint adapters, new spindles and hubs, and a Zero Bind front sway bar. It also has an adjustable rear torque arm, a lightweight aluminum Panhard bar, adjustable lower rear control arms, a rear sway bar, along with axle and shock brackets. Further components are optionally available with the GR-40 USC, including a Watt's linkage and adjustable rear sway bar, along with lower control arms incorporating Heim joints for more dedicated racing applications.

H&R Coilover kit for '05-'08 Mustangs
This German company, with much experience developing premium suspension packages and spring kits for European cars, now offers that same technology for '05-and-up Mustang owners. H&R's (www.hrsprings.com; (888) 827-8881) adjustable coilover kit allows enthusiasts to change their suspension height at the turn of a wrench, lowering it for optimum handling on the road course or during racing (a maximum of 2 inches lower than stock), then raising it for driving on the street (3/4 inches lower than the stock ride height), allowing the best of both worlds.

The kit includes H&R's premium shocks with multiple adjustability and progressive-rate springs to deliver the maximum in handling and ride performance, while lowering your Mustang's center of gravity and improving overall driving response. It's also 100 percent made in Germany. We found the kit listed for $1,099.95.

Hotchkis Performance F-150 Lightning/regular cab Total Vehicle Suspension System
If you own a '99-'04 Ford F-150 Lightning and are looking to further improve its performance in the handling department, Hotchkis Performance offers its Total Vehicle System. This is an all-inclusive package that has been extensively designed and tested as a complete system for these trucks. It includes sport coil springs, both front and back (which drop ride height by 1.5 inches in the front and an impressive 3 inches in the back), along with stiffer front and rear sway bars and a pair of replacement rear leaf springs, to further improve ride quality and handling on these supercharged trucks. The kit retails for $1,179.95. Hotchkis also offers a Rear Suspension Package for '79-'93 Mustangs under PN 1805 and we found it listed for $421.95.

KW Suspension Variant 1/3 coilover kit for '94-'98 Mustangs
Specializing in high-performance coilover kits for late-model Mustangs, Germany's KW Suspension (www.kwsuspension.com; (888) 713-5566) now offers conversion packages for '94-'98 Mustangs including GT and Cobra models. These kits are custom designed to fit each application and are made from the highest quality materials and meet stringent German TUV requirements. They allow you to adjust the ride height between 1.4 and 2.5 inches lower than stock in the front and 0.9 and 2.1 inches in the rear.

These adjustable coilover kits are available in Variant 1 configuration (incorporating KW factory set pre-dampening for the best balance between performance, comfort, and safety), or in Variant 3, which is designed for the highly experienced competition driver allowing him or her to individually set rebound and compression damping (up to 14 individual settings) as well as adjust the height.

The Variant 1 kits are listed as PN 10330032 ('94-'98 Mustang Cobra) and PN 1023000 ('94-'98 Mustang GT), while the Variant 3 kits fall under PN 35230031 ('94-'98 Mustang Cobra) and PN 35230032 ('94-'98 Mustang GT). As for pricing, we found the Variant 1 kit listed for $1,248.16. Besides these cars, KW also offers premium adjustable coilovers for '86-'93, '99-'04, and '05-'08 Mustangs.