Wayne Cook
October 1, 2008
Contributers: Huw Evans Photos By: The Manufacturers

Fat Man Fabrications McPherson strut suspension for '71-'73 Mustangs
Like most classic car suspensions, the '71-'73 Mustang could use some improvement to help it better cope with the demands of modern traffic conditions and improved tire traction.

Update your big-bodied Mustang with the Fat Man (www.fatmanfab.com; (704) 545-0369) strut-type suspension based on '94-'04 Mustang parts. Factory bumpsteer is eliminated while gaining an adjustable ride using either coilover shocks or Air Ride suspension. Five-lug disc brakes with 15-inch or larger wheels are required. An aftermarket or original steering column can be used. The steering rack and polished stainless steel lower control arms attach to a new crossmember plate, which bolts into and reinforces the body. Because the McPherson strut suspension eliminates the upper control arms, there's room to trim the shock towers for header clearance.

The kit is a bolt-in swap and it carries an MSRP of $1,995. Other Mustang and classic Ford kits are available.

Full Tilt Street Rods Coil Spring Tubular Control Arms
Full Tilt Street Rods (www.fulltiltstreetrods.com; (970) 255-8890) has these Coil Spring Tubular Lower Control Arms for Mustang II-based IFS kits. Constructed of 1-inch diameter, 3/16-inch wall DOM steel, the control arms feature aircraft aluminum spring risers and fit all aftermarket Mustang II crossmembers. Full Tilt's design eliminates strut rods and the arms come complete with new screw-in type balljoints for Mustang II spindles, polyurethane bushings, and all hardware and instructions needed for installation. The control arms cost $199.95 in bare steel, or $244.95 black powdercoated.

Global West Negative Roll System
For dramatic improvement in your classic Mustang's handling characteristics, move beyond the stock components to this Negative Roll System from Global West (www.globalwest.net; (877) 470-2975). The included template is for lowering the position of the new tubular control arms exactly 1 inch. It's the same trick used on the '65 Shelby GT350 Mustang and it improves the tire contact patch during cornering. The tubular upper control arms feature billet cross-shafts and are far stronger and more resistant to flexing than the O.E. stamped steel arms.

These tubular control arms have corrected ball joint angles to eliminate binding near the end of suspension travel. The available lower control arms show the same stout construction as the uppers and also feature Del-A-Lum bushings for minimal deflection. Upper tubular control arms have a limited lifetime warranty, for as long as you own your car, racing or not. Arms are pre-assembled and powdercoated gloss black. Alignment information is included. We found the Negative Roll Kit for classic Fords for $599.

Griggs Racing Products GR-350
Griggs Racing (www.griggsracing.com; (707) 939-2244) now offers an extensive line of suspension products for vintage Mustangs under the GR-350 name. The GR-350 chassis systems deliver the same precision handling and hookup potential as the famous GR-40 suspensions, which are made for newer Mustangs.

GR-350 components are modular in design and the combined front and rear systems will improve cornering ability substantially. The front GR-350 suspension system allows removal of spring towers in the engine bay for increased room, while the rear system eliminates the heavy leaf springs and uses a torque arm and a Panhard bar or Watt's linkage. The complete front and rear suspension kit for a '67-'70 Mustang with a Windsor engine and a 9-inch axle (other kits available) is PN GR350 SP-L-W9. The kit cost is $10,054.05.

Heidt's Hot Rod Shop
Heidt's Hot Rod Shop (www.heidts.com; (800) 841-8188) offers the Superide II IFS independent front suspension kit for '65-'70 Mustangs. Based on the Mustang II front end, the true coilover front suspension system provides excellent performance for both a smooth ride and precise handling.

Kit features include front-frame boxing plates, tubular arms, dropped spindles, rack-and-pinion steering, and front-disc brakes with 11-inch rotors. Coilover shocks with chrome springs are standard. Your kit can be special ordered to include polished control arms; 11-, 12-, or 13-inch brakes with polished hubs; and your choice of polished, black, or red calipers. Power steering is also available. Kits start at $2,659. Heidt's has a whole array of suspension offerings suitable for classic Fords as well.