Wayne Cook
October 1, 2008
Contributers: Huw Evans Photos By: The Manufacturers

Performance Suspension Guide
When it comes to performance upgrades for your Mustang or Ford, be it classic or late-model, the right combination of suspension components can make a dramatic difference. Whether your tastes run to high-performance street driving, open-tracking, or drag racing, the right set of parts can completely transform the way your vehicle behaves on the road or track. It's often said that a car (or truck) is only as great as the sum of its parts, and that most definitely applies to suspension pieces.

Classic Mustang And Ford Suspension Packages

Air Ride Technologies
Air Ride Technologies (www.ridetech.com; (812) 482-2932) now offers an air suspension system that fits classic and late-model Mustangs and works at all four corners of the vehicle. The whole suspension can be adjusted from inside the car at the touch of a button, made possible with dual on-board compressors and an air-storage tank. Retail price is $1,299.

At the rear, the leaf springs are replaced by upper and lower trailing arms in a configuration similar to what is found on many modern cars. Connecting the upper trailing arm brackets to the rear axlehousing is the only welding required. The rear suspension kit costs $1,995.

On the front axle, the coil springs are eliminated and the entire weight of the front end is supported by the Air Ride Technologies air springs. The retail price for the front kit is $995.

Blue Moon Motorsports Control Freak Suspension
Blue Moon (www.bluemooncars.com; (888) 325-6462) offers its line of Control Freak suspension components. Check out these tubular upper and lower control arms for '65-'73 Mustangs. The Control Freak upper control arms incorporate the negative wedge mounting of the ball joint, which makes them ideal for the 1-inch upper control arm drop as used on early Shelby GT350 Mustangs.

The upper control arms are available powdercoated for $599 a pair while a stainless steel version is priced at $799 a pair. Lower control arms are priced at $399 and $599, respectively.

Chris Alston's Chassisworks g-Bar/g-Link
Chris Alston's Chassisworks/Total Control Products (www.totalcontrolproducts.com; (916) 388-0288) offers the g-Bar and g-Link Rear Suspension Kits. Both systems use a state-of-the-art, canted four-bar suspension design. With either kit, different upper and lower link combinations can be used to adjust the suspension to the vehicle and its intended use.

The g-Bar system uses polyurethane bushings on the ends while the g-Link system uses deflection-free pivot ball assemblies for concise adjustability and enhanced handling performance. The adjustable shock mounts are made of billet aluminum and bolt directly to the back of the lower control arm bracket. They provide 41/2 inches of ride height adjustment. Coilover shocks or ShockWave air springs are available on either system. A Chris Alston Fab9 Housing, or your vehicle's original differential housing, can be used. The g-Link system is shown and has a base price of $2,049.

DVS Restorations Independent Rear Suspension for '67-'70 Mustangs and Cougars
Enjoy late-model ride and handling in your classic Mustang. The DVS IRS kit (www.dvsrestorations.com; (765) 362-1967) installs the '99-and-up Mustang Cobra independent rear suspension into the '67-'70 Ford Mustang and Cougar. The base kit retails for $1,599 and comes complete with Koni coilover shocks, coil springs, laser-cut brackets, and stainless steel frame inserts. High-grade hardware and a 23-page installation manual are also included.

Easy bolt-in installation means no welding is required. Normal-wear items are available from your local Ford dealer, and the shock absorbers can be rebuilt. Choose from a wide selection of aftermarket parts, including axle ratios and brake assemblies.