Jim Smart
September 1, 2008
Lokar set us up for better parking with its hand brake (PN EHB-7000F, $105.95), boot kit (PN 70-EHBF, $24.95), and universal cable kit (PN EC-80FHT, $159.95). Believe it or not, this is an easy Saturday afternoon project thanks to Lokar's homework. Best of all, no special tools are required.

Let's face it: Some designs just weren't good, regardless of how many different ways Ford passed them along to us 40 years ago. Flaws such as leaking cowl vents, flimsy door and window mechanisms, busted nylon-coated timing sets, under-engineered distributors, electrical system woes, dripping heater cores, and wimpy parking brakes are just some of the issues we've had to deal with. The latter, in particular, is no doubt familiar to any of you with classic Mustangs, Comets, Falcons and Mavericks. Those barely adequate dash-mounted parking brakes are a pain, aren't they?

OK. Enough fussing about Ford's engineering shortcomings. Here's a solution: Lokar's center-mount hand brake for all classic Fords. Available in stainless steel or satin black, the Lokar hand-brake kit is easy to install and can be put to work in a matter of hours. Best of all, the parking-brake handle is placed for easy and quick access and has more leverage for better holding power than the underdash systems found on early Fords. Let's get started.

Add A Parking Brake Reminder Light
Lokar sent us this sweet parking brake reminder light switch (PN EHB-7001, $32.99), a micro switch unit that's a good idea to install while doing this project. Lokar doesn't provide the light because there are so many available in the aftermarket for your classic Ford. All you need is a switched power source (ignition on only) and a solid ground-both easy to find. Switched power sources are available through female plugs already in your main wiring harness so there should be no need to cut your factory wiring. Look for the blue lead with a red stripe under the dash. Your automatic transmission indicator lead is an excellent place to start.

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