Jim Smart
July 1, 2008

'65-'70 Mustang Custom Independent Front Suspension
This is the kind of technology for classic Fords that gets our motors revving. If you're squeamish about cutting your classic Mustang, the TCI Mustang Custom IFS isn't for you. However, if you're a progressive thinker who owns a run-of-the-mill six or V-8 Mustang and you're not bothered by cutting and welding, the TCI Mustang Custom IFS will make a huge difference in ride, handling, and stance.

The TCI system is a weld-on package that includes framerail reinforcement plates, inner fender panels (that replace shock towers), a crossmember, shock mounts, urethane-bushed tubular control arms, new spindles, linkage, power rack-and-pinion steering, 11-inch disc brakes with OEM-style calipers (which means you can buy brake pads and parts anywhere), coilover shocks, and more. TCI has all the goods to turn your eye-catching classic Mustang into a high-stopping, road-hugging, performance car.

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