Jim Smart
July 1, 2008

As classic Mustangs came off the assembly line, they were never much on handling. To keep assembly cost and base sticker price low, suspension systems were designed merely to provide a decent ride and keep the car between the lines. It took seasoned race-car builders, including Carroll Shelby, Holman-Moody, and others to get these cars to handle. And when you compare the way these cars were to what's available now, that wasn't saying much. We will give it to those pioneers who paved the way-they spanked more than their share of Corvettes in SCCA B-production competition.

Ed Moss, president and CEO of Total Cost Involved (TCI), is one of those pioneers who handed us quality and extraordinary handling on a silver platter. He founded TCI in 1974 to better serve the street-rod industry with an array of life-enhancing services, parts, and accessories. Much of it began with reproduction Ford Model A frames that left a lasting impression on street rodders. Since that time, TCI has brought us so much more. Through the years, Moss has won untold awards for extraordinary levels of engineering and product. So it should come as no surprise he and the crew at TCI have come up with an independent front-suspension system for early Mustangs and other classic Fords.

Based on the popular '74-'78 Mustang II front suspension system, the TCI Custom IFS system is engineered to lower your Mustang's stance, dramatically improve handling, and make room for larger engines. Impressively, the TCI Mustang Custom IFS is easier to install than you might think. It's a weld-in system that involves a minimal amount of chassis cutting and welding. Once it's all dialed in, you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

We stopped by to watch one of TCI's first kits being installed in its project Mustang. Let's get started.

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