Tom Wilson
October 26, 2012

Parts Sheet

Chassis Support
KB-29601KB Two-Point Heavy-duty Strut Tower Brace$109.00
KB-29405KB Lower Chassis Brace$109.00
KB-28029KB Extreme Matrix Brace$189.00
KB-28009KB Jacking Rails$79.00
Front Suspension Upgrades
KB-49721/31KB AGS 4.0 Front Lower Control Arm Module$749.00
KB-51656Club Sport Coilover Shocks & Springs with Adjustable Ride Height$1,780.00
KB-70655Adjustable Front Sway Bar$289.00
KB-M31302Bumpsteer/Tie-Rod Ends$229.00
KB-81280Camber Adjustment Bolts (2)$34.95
Rear Suspension Upgrades
KB-28660KB AGS 4.0 Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms with Double Rod Ends$299.00
KB-28665/75KB Rear K-Link Upper Control Arm Module$399.00
KB-28601KB Rear Traction Anti-Squat Geometry Brackets$135.00
KB-28620KB AGS 4.0 Roll Center Bracket Kit (includes GT4 adjustable rear Panhard bar)$498.00
Total—Recommended AGS 4.0 Club Sport Suspension Upgrades$4,898.95
KB-49710KB AGS Tubular K-Member*$769.00
* Designed for use with Kenny Brown Front Lower Control Arms

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