Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
November 1, 2004

Caster/camber plates are a good upgrade for most any year Mustang. The plates offer better alignment capabilities and handling, and they allow the weekend warrior to quickly change between "street" and "race" settings without taking half the suspension apart. For years they've been available from numerous vendors, so what's new to talk about? Well, Steeda felt that if three mounting bolts (what the factory uses) was a good starting point, four mounting bolts would be better. This is truly a rare automotive case where bigger/more is better.

With the Steeda 4-Bolt Caster/Camber Plates for '94-'03 Mustangs (PN 555-8095; $229.95) a fourth bolt is installed, after drilling a hole in which the bolt will reside. This allows for four attaching bolts for the plate, spreading the load of cornering forces across the complete strut tower for more accurate handling and less chance of alignment creep or bending/breaking the plates.

The Steeda four-bolt plates are made from 7075 aircraft-quality aluminum, which is twice as strong as the more commonly used 6061 aluminum. A one-piece billet steel bearing plate (15 percent thicker than standard designs) is much stronger than the more typical two-piece welded design found on other plates. The bearing plate also houses a Teflon lined spherical bearing. The Steeda four-bolt plates are light in weight (tipping the scales at a mere 2.6 pounds) and feature the largest uninterrupted adjustment range available.

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