Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
August 1, 2003

Horse Sense:
Steeda's Hardcore race program is thriving, making it difficult for the Hardcore division employees to hit the track. Steeda plans to expand the line further and get these guys some help, so you should see more of the Steeda Hardcore race team at your favorite events during the '04 race season.

Many of you "old timers" who have been in the 5.0 hobby for a while likely remember Steeda's drag racing exploits. Doug Parlimento drove the company's black notch, taking the Fun Ford Outlaw title three years in a row. As this was hap-pening back in the early '90s, Steeda was selling parts for both drag racing and road racing venues, along with selling its custom street engines and, of course, the Steeda Mustang packages. As the years progressed, Steeda moved toward the handling and road racing side of things, while also keeping its respectable performance street-products line flourishing.

A couple years ago, Steeda acquired a company called Racecraft, which was owned by Adam Louramore, now a Steeda employee. Racecraft made several Steeda-branded products as well as its own line of items. Steeda brought Racecraft in-house to bring products to market more quickly and to dedicate the Racecraft CNC machines to Steeda products. In the many conversations Adam had with Steeda top dog Dario Orlando, the idea of looking at the drag market came up again and again. According to Dario, "We discussed it, saw a good market oppor-tunity, and got back into it [drag parts]."

Although the Steeda Hardcore line is somewhat new, Adam and Dario are constantly working on new product ideas, such as the company's recently released coilover front suspension conversion (all manufactured under the Steeda roof). As it stands now, the Hardcore line primarily consists of suspension components, accessory drive components, and lightweight items such as battery boxes. The parts are all extensively tested on Steeda's two current in-house drag cars-Adam's Renegade car and Scott Boda's Drag Radial car. "Right now, every Fun Ford Weekend record holder is running the Steeda Hardcore suspension," Dario says, sounding like a proud father, "and there are more racers in FFW using Steeda's products than any other company's." Of course, the Steeda contingency program doesn't hurt, either.

We visited Steeda's West Palm Beach, Florida, digs to see how the Hardcore rear suspension and drag race sway bar are installed and tuned. So read on and get your drool cups ready.

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