1969 Ford Mustang
Dave Stribling
November 10, 2016

I have a 1966 V-8 fastback with Shelby drop and Borgeson steering system. What camber, caster, and toe-in specs are the best for this car with this Borgeson steering and Shelby drop with normal street use? Thanks for your help!

Michael Martens
Via the Internet

Rather than indicate where I think you should set your alignment settings, I went straight to the source for real Mustang handling—Shaun Burgess at Street or Track (www.streetortrack.com). Shaun has been instrumental in getting everything out of the first-generation suspension, and has developed a set of suspension parts that will allow the early Mustang an equal advantage to anything else out on the track. “The biggest problem with aligning these cars today is we’re still using the alignment specs used for bias-ply or early radial tires,” Shaun says. “You have to set the alignment up for modern tires. For a stock or fairly mild suspension system, I would run +5 degrees caster, -.5 degree of camber and 1/16-inch toe-in.” Compare that to the original settings of –1 to +1 degree of caster, -1/4 to +1 1/4 degree of camber and toe at 1/8-3/8 inch—a considerable difference! Also note that the specs from Shaun are tighter, because the modern laser alignment systems should be able to get it that close.