Jim Smart
October 28, 2014

When Ford redesigned the Mustang for 1994, it revisited the venerable Fox platform introduced in 1979 and took a long look at what it liked and what it didn’t like. Ford product planners and engineers did not like the Mustang convertible’s horrible cowl shake and body flex when tackling a canyon road or challenging road course. The Fox platform just wasn’t up to par in terms of stability, even in normal driving.

Ford’s Team Mustang took the Fox platform’s great attributes and added meaningful backbone—platform stiffening—to create the Fox-4 platform for the SN-95 Mustang redesign. This made the car confident and sure. Maximum Motorsports delivers a way to make your ’79-’93 Fox platform stiff, solid, and confident. These flush-mount subframe connectors take the cowl shake and chatter out of a Fox Mustang, bringing it up to par with the SN-95 to follow.

01. Installation begins with knowing where to remove existing chassis stiffening and modify it for subframe connectors. Gil Ruiz of Mustangs Etc. measures the existing stiffener to see where it must be cut to accommodate the Maximum Motorsports subframe connectors. Here, Ruiz conceives a straight line where the cut will be made.

02. Ruiz removes the factory X-brace common with ’83-’93 Mustang convertibles. This step makes subframe connector installation easier. Once installation is complete, you reinstall the X-brace.

03. The stock convertible frame stiffeners are also riveted and have to be drilled out for removal.

04. The rear chassis stiffeners are bolted in and must be removed as well.

05. Ruiz positions one of the Maximum Motorsports subframe connectors and checks for proper fit. The cool thing about these subframe connectors is their fit, where they tuck nice and close into the framerail and floorpan, making them invisible.

06. The rear chassis stiffeners have been measured and are now being cut to accommodate the Maximum Motorsports subframe connectors.

07. Properly cut and trimmed, the rear chassis stiffeners are welded permanently into place.

08. The front stiffeners are measured and then cut to accommodate the subframe connectors now as well.

09. The Maximum Motorsports subframe connectors are secured for welding using a screw jack.

10. The rear chassis stiffeners have been welded in place and the subframe connectors are ready for welding.

11. The chassis stiffeners have been welded and are dressed smooth for subframe installation.

12. Mid-subframe brackets have been prepped for welding and are bolted in place. You cannot imagine the difference these subframe connectors will make in your Mustang.

13. Ruiz begins welding the Maximum Motorsports subframe connectors in place. Ruiz stresses the car must be sitting on its suspension when you install subframe connectors.

14. Mid-ship brackets have been welded and painted. Nylon lock nuts are tightened.

15. Screw jacks are used to get the subframe connectors flush with the chassis. Never settle for gaps and poor fit. Get it flush.

16. With both subframe connectors flush with good fit, Ruiz finishes out the final welding in preparation for a road test.

17. The properly trimmed factory chassis stiffener is ready to be riveted or welded in place. For our final part we’re going install Maximum Motorsports’ torque arm package along with a thicker rear sway bar to show you what’s possible with a classic Fox.