Jim Smart
October 18, 2013

Seems most of us would like to get into better handling without having to sell the farm and perform major surgery on our classic Mustangs. Though a good many of the aftermarket suspension systems stand on their own merits, they involve a lot of cutting and welding and they don't come cheap. This is why Classic Performance Parts (CPP) decided to give early '65-'70 Mustangs and '61-'65 Falcons/Comets a closer look, and develop a cool bolt-on Mini Subframe Kit for these popular Ford compacts.

The Mini Subframe Kit consists of a ¼-inch steel crossmember that bolts to your Mustang's unit body in place of the stock strut rods. You can bolt it or you can weld it for a more permanent marriage and the associated strength. What hinders handling are those antiquated strut rods that tend to bind, limiting suspension travel. The Mini Subframe Kit gives you greater alignment potential, resulting in handling your Mustang or Falcon has never known before. What's more, you can go with the factory or CPP sway bar. Upper control arms will accommodate stock coil springs and perches, or adjustable coilovers.

Suspension improvements don't carry much weight if you don't support them with a world-class braking system. CPP carries everything from stock disc brake packages to 13-inch, dual-piston units that will enable you to stop without breaking a sweat.

We've just shown you how to install CPP's Totally Tubular Mini Subframe Kit for vintage Mustangs and compact Fords. As you can see, it's a straightforward bolt-on suspension package that thrusts a classic Mustang into the late-model arena with vastly improved geometry and function for less money. Next month, we're going to show you how to complete this installation with disc brakes at all four corners, along with a rear antisway bar package for reduced body roll.

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26b. Endlinks are installed bolt heads up with a lock nut bottom. Tighten the endlinks until lock nuts will go no further. No lubrication required here.