July 1, 2002
Here's the complete kit from MPG Head Service. All the flat stock is aluminum and the other hardware is all brushed steel.

The factory stampings that serve as the shock-tower-to-cowl braces on vintage Mustangs can leave something to be desired. However, they do play an important role in keeping the shock towers from moving. The stock components are inexpensive stampings, so they are prone to flexing given their light construction. The factory brace is difficult and time-consuming to remove, should you need to gain access to the rear portion of the engine bay. Pulling a cylinder head or doing other work such as clutch or exhaust means that these supports can be in the way.

MPG Head Service offers a slick solution to these drawbacks in the form of a Shock Tower Brace Kit for '67-'70 Mustangs. This kit adds strength plus the ability to adjust or preload the brace against the firewall. One end of each rod is reverse-threaded. A simple twist shortens or lengthens the strut rod. Each end has a lock or jamb nut, and each end is equipped with a hardened-steel-construction spherical end joint. Quick release pins afford instant removal of the strut rods, so quick access to the engine bay and cylinder heads results, which can be a big advantage. Installing this kit doesn't look tough, and the components look to be excellent quality. Let's see what it takes to install the kit on a buddy's '69 Mustang.

The Facts
MPG Head Service Shock Tower Brace kit
Suggested retail price: $149.95

Installation Time
About 1½ to 2 hours with handtools

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