Frank H. Cicerale
December 1, 2007

You're cruising in your Mustang, listening to the supercharger whistle, and knowing that with the flick of your right foot, the rear tires of your Pony will disappear in a billowing cloud of smoke. You roll up to a stoplight and wait patiently for the light to turn green. While sitting there idling, you notice in your rearview mirror another Stang rolling up in the lane next to you. Being a connoisseur of the Mustang world, you watch as the car slows to a halt. You glance over to nod at the driver. Instead of the typical (or anticipated) gentleman sitting behind the wheel, there's a cute chick rocking out to the music blasting from the radio. Although you think you're bad to the bone, she smokes you and your Stang, catching a nice "chirp" in Second and Third.

The fact is, there's nothing hotter than a lady in a Mustang. With that in mind, we put out the call for our latest installment of the Ladies' Edition, and the female Mustang-owning population didn't disappoint.