Mike Johnson
September 15, 2008
Contributers: Mike Johnson, Courtesy of FHM Magazine Photos By: Courtesy of FHM Magazine


Do you still own a Mustang?

ATHENA:I currently own a 2008 BMW 535xi, she's black on black with paddle shifters and all. I hear they just came out with new software for it that will add about 80hp and is covered under the warranty! I'm already looking into it! Would I have another Mustang?...in a heart beat!

What became of your Mach 1?

ATHENA:I actually was very picky in who I sold my Mach to, that car reflects me in so many ways, and I didn't want her to end up with just anyone. I took pride in every part of that car. Some friends of mine who live in NC are avid Mustang enthusiast as well. Over the years we always kept up with who was doing what with their Mustangs. So, when I decided to sell it they were the first ones that I called. They jumped on the opportunity to buy the Mach and the deal was done in less than a week. It was easier to sell it knowing the buyer had the same passion in the car that I did. I knew she was in good hands...and still is!

Who's more for fun to hang out with NMRA racers, NASCAR racers, or 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords staffers?

ATHENA:Now if that isn't a trick question I don't know what is! LOL! You know how drag racers feel about NASCAR racers and visa versa...it's hard to compare the two. They both have their perks. I share a passion with NMRA racers, due to being a Mustang girl, and that will never change. NASCAR racers also share a passion of mine, since I grew up at the circle track watching my dad from a young age. NMRA and NASCAR are two different worlds and it's hard to pick one set off drivers over the other. Now, 5.0 and Super Fords staffers take the cake on being fun to hang out with and personable. I think you guys made me eat my first oyster one time. LOL!

We trust you've smelled both VHT and bondo, which do you prefer?

ATHENA:Hum, they both smell terrible! Can I plead the 5th and just go with the smell of a good burn out or nitro?

You're barreling down the road behind the wheel of your Mustang, what's in the CD/MP3 player or iPod?

ATHENA:My iPod has a wide variety and it depends on my mood. You'll find a lot of old country, like Charlie Pride, Conway Twitty, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, George Jones, and Waylon Jennings, and other country like, Alabama and Rascal Flatts. You'll also find Elvis, Colbie Callat, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, Drew 6, Scratch Track, and Bon Jovi to name a few!

5.0&SF Tech Editor KJ Jones has a good Darryl Bassani (Bassani Xhaust owner) story, do you have any?

ATHENA:First of all, Darryl Bassani is one of the most humble men that I know. His family is amazing and he is an awesome cook! We could sit and tell stories forever, and he has many to tell. One particular story would have been at the PRI Show several years ago when it was still in Indy. We were all loaded up and driving around the convention center, people everywhere, and all you could here were brakes squealing, doors opening, and extreme laughter as everyone stared at us with excitement and amazement! You can have a lot of fun with the emergency brake! That poor rental car!

Have you gone all "Hollywood," and forgotten about all us little people?

ATHENA:Gone "Hollywood", listen to you! I know you've heard the saying, "you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl"! I can glam up and play the "Hollywood" role so to speak, but I am who I am...a racer, mustang enthusiast, and just a good 'ol fashion country girl who's not afraid to get dirty, sit in a deer stand, camp under the stars, or do a huge burn out in the middle of the street somewhere. Oh, to have my Mach again....

Women have reached the pinnacle in several NHRA pro categories do you think the same success will ever occur in NASCAR?

ATHENA:I believe it will take the right combination all around. There are many female circle track drivers who are probably very capable of succeeding in NASCAR, as there are many men. It's all in the timing and a little luck. NASCAR team owners have the potential to break or make any new driver. Performance is key, but to do it right they need to build a new driver up with patience and going into it knowing they will have some bumps along the way. So with the right combination, yes!

In your FHM interview, you said you could tell anyone anything about a Fox Mustang, are you a Mustang Melvin?

ATHENA:I am a little rusty right now, but it's kind of like riding a bike...once you learn how you never forget. I think I could still hold my own, so yeah, call me "Mustang Melvin" or can we just go with "Mustang Sally"? I think I'm more of a Sally than a Melvin...lol!

If you could change one thing about society or the world, what would it be?

ATHENA:I guess it would have to be the way people treat each other. I'm the type of person who just tells it like it is, and what you see is what you get. I'm not fake! It would be so nice to really be able to trust people. There are so many fake and insincere people. If only people would think about their actions and statements and how what they are saying or doing will affect others. I've been done wrong by people I really thought cared about me and that really hurt. I would hate to see others feel that type of pain and betrayal. Or...maybe we could legalize street racing!