December 31, 2008

October 2008: Corina

Michael Sauceda not only put together a cool Mustang and a hot gal, but he pulled off some nice shots of the two together thanks to photographer Robert Ward. The lady in question is 21-year-old Corina Bonilla, Michael's coworker at a bar, who also sometimes works as a Budweiser girl. Michael is obviously a fan, as he says she "is super down to earth and a pleasure to know and see. I have been a subscriber since 2004, and I know I haven't seen anyone as hot as Corina."

We think we've had our share of hotties since 2004, Michael, but Corina will love reading that. As for the 'Stang Corina is distracting us from, it has been significantly upgraded with a K&N Air Charger, a Blow-By Racing throttle body and spacer, an SCT tune, FRPP gears, Eibach Pro-Kit springs, three Alpine touch screens, and a custom exhaust by Madman's Muffler. There aren't any more details on Corina, but we will say she took our online poll at by a landslide, and that says a lot.

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November 2008: Laren

It's not too often that we expect a bittersweet reaction to the BOTM section. Don't get us wrong-this month's edition is all good. It's just that what brings you the lovely photos of Laren from China Springs, Texas, is sad, yet uplifting. You see, the New Edge Mustang she is posing with was once owned by Staff Sgt. Kenneth Jenkins, but it's now owned by his friends Michael Maples and Dave Cole.

"The car belonged to Staff Sgt. Kenneth Jenkins," Michael explains. "He died in Iraq on August 12, 2006, from enemy fire. Before passing on, he made a list of everything that he was going to do to his car once he returned to the States." With the goal of bringing Kenneth's list to fruition, Michael and Dave bought the car and rounded it out with a carbon-fiber hood and trunk, grille delete, FR500 wheels, Katskin leather seats with carbon inserts, a ProCharger supercharger, DiabloSport chip, Bullitt brakes, 3.73 gears, and much more. Except when Michael and Dave take it out for car shows, the finished car now sits safely in a garage as Kenneth envisioned it.

In case you ignored that touching story and still just want to know about Laren, she's a Hooters waitress who loves Mustangs. She was more than happy to pose with Kenneth's 'Stang. "I'm sure Kenny is smiling," Michael says.

December 2008: Jazmin

Think of your dream girl. She's beautiful. She's cool. She loves Mustangs. She even owns one or two. Well fellas, meet Jazmin. She doesn't own just any Mustang, but a heavily modded Terminator. She obviously meets most of your criteria, and we're guessing you've already decided all that doesn't matter after scoping out the photos. "I am a 23-year-old single mom and college student attending the University of Iowa in pursuit of a law degree. My favorite pastime is going for a ride in one of my Mustangs with my son!"

Obviously her son's friends are gonna love her, but we love her car. "It looks completely stock on the outside, but the engine is far from factory equipped," Jazmin explains. "The block is rebuilt and bored 0.30 over. The piston and rods are custom-made, forged Manley with ARP studs. The factory Eaton was replaced with a Whipple, and the fuel system was upgraded to feed this beast. The IRS had to go, and Robin Lawrence (We remember that guy.-Ed.) built a straight axle for this car. The exhaust is composed of long-tube headers to an H-pipe and a Bassani after-cat. I've had the car at the track several times; it runs mid-11s on street tires."

Jazmin adds that she might not look like a gearhead, but she definitely is one. Her next mod will be a Hellion twin-turbo system. Now you can see why she won our online poll by a landslide.