December 31, 2008

July 2008: Heather

The old adage states that a picture is worth a thousand words. Fortunately, we have three photos of the lovely Heather Borak, who took top honors in our BOTM poll at It's fortunate because all we really know is that Heather is getting friendly with Andy Szmyt's flamed '01 Saleen. We also know that Andy is her boyfriend (sorry fellas), and Heather sounds like a Mustang fan's dream come true. "I'm 20 years old, and I'm from southern New Hampshire. I love Mustangs, and I have one too," she says in her brief e-mail.

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August 2008: Paloma

What's the saying about "friends like these"? It doesn't apply here, anyway. Jeff Hallam's other friends would only become enemies because they're jealous of his "friend" Paloma. We don't know much about her, but we'll give you 3,000 words worth of photos so you can learn about her on your own.

What we do know is she is making Jeff's DSG-that's Dark Shadow Gray for the non-Melvins in the audience-'04 Mach 1 look a lot better just by being near it. Jeff reports that his car has thus far been upgraded with a K&N air filter, a Bassani catalytic X-shape crossover, one-chamber Flowmasters, an MGW short-throw shifter, Eibach Sportline springs, 18x8.5-inch Amp wheels, and BFGoodrich KDW treads.

September 2008: Trisha

Every so often, a gal goes all out for a BOTM photo shoot, and the payoff is a victory in our online poll (, so it's appropriate that Trisha Uptown is waving the checkered flag in some of her photos. Better yet, the car you neglected to notice in the photos is actually hers.

"I'm from Kentucky-the land of fast horses and fast women. I always wanted a Mustang and swore I would have one as my first car," Trisha explains. "Nothing gets my blood pumping more than the power of a 427ci small-block with 668 hp like the one in my '88 Mustang. It has ported Victor heads, a 950-cfm Quick Fuel carb, FRPP roller rockers, and a 700-inch-lift Comp cam. I love the feel of its clutchless G-Force Transmission when I open her up to run free like the American spirit." Well said, Trisha.