December 31, 2008

April 2008: Niki

Check it out. The babes with Mustangs are rolling in these days, and they're making an impact on our online poll.

The latest gal to take her 'Stang to the BOTM winner's circle is Niki Mast. "This is my '05 Saleen S281 supercharged, no. 706," Niki says. "It has beautiful, white 20s and a JDM Stage II kit because I like them fast! My boyfriend and I love the 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Web site and magazine. I know I'll be the best Babe of the Month-and yes, I'm over 18. You love the shirt, too, right?" Yes we do, Niki, and the car is cool.

Think your gal is BOTM material? Then send your photos and car descriptions to BOTM, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, 9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619, or

May 2008: Tara

We didn't have time to get a BOTM Web poll up on the website, but it was easy to go back to the way it used to be where I (Editor Turner) pick the winners. This one was obvious. All I can say is whoa! One look at these photos, and I knew Tara was the winner. She's a "good friend" of Princeton, Indiana's Richard Russelburg. Not only is she hot, but this is her '03 Cobra, which puts down 465 HP and 505 lb-ft of torque to the tires. Oh, yeah, that tatoo is a Cobra too.

"Of course this isn't stock. Tara installed a Predator tune and smaller pulley up front, a Flowmaster exhaust system, and a K&N air filter," Richard says. "Also, a dual-core radiator to keep this hot car cool. She loves her car, but of course her heavy foot gets her in a lot of trouble." Just as cool as Tara driving this tuned-up Terminator is that the 34-year-old hottie works at an auto-body welding shop. We're guessing you don't want to approach Tara trying to dazzle her with your car knowledge, as she might just show you up.

June 2008: Sheena

Trent McKinney of Pekin, Illinois, is a go-getter. He couldn't talk his fiance into posing for BOTM, so he called up his friend Sheena Brown, whom he warns us is "taken." So not only did his fiance let him take photos of the lovely Sheena with his car, but apparently, her beau signed off on it, too-or at least, neither of them reads 5.0&SF. "She does some modeling, so I figured why not?" Trent explains. Sounds good (and looks good) to me, Trent.

Sadly, Trent didn't give up too many details on Sheena, who took our BOTM poll at by a landslide. He did, however, provide plenty of details about his '92 Mustang GT. He bought the car with 92,000 miles on it and has since added cold-air induction, an exhaust, pulleys, a Trick Flow intake, and about 115,000 miles. "When this motor goes," Trent says, "I'll put a 347 stroker in it."