December 31, 2007

October 2007 - Laura

"Not only do I have a 5.0, but my brunette bombshell girlfriend LauraCunningham is there to wash and wax when needed," Johnny Burke says.Wow--a pretty girl that will wash your Mustang for you? She's a keeper,Johnny. Our online voters agreed, as Laura scored 61 percent of the votein our poll. He must want to keep her all to himself, as Johnny didn'tshare much more info about Laura. Who could blame him?

Of course, similar to most 5.0&SF readers, Johnny is more than happy totell us about his '86 Mustang GT. "It has 3.73 gears, BBK short-tubeheaders, Flowmasters, and a mass air meter. This car is basically stockbut this Pony scoots--and on occasion, gallops--down the street quitewell. It runs a 14.5 and has a unique color."

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November 2007 - Amber

If any of you have seen that GM commercial disguised as the cool actionmovie, Transformers, you were no doubt entranced as the protagonist'slove interest begins talking like a car guy. Sure, she didn't know stackinjection from a double-pumper, but it sure looked and sounded sexy.That's just fantasy; Rory Duncan lives the reality.

"This is my fiance Amber. She's 21 and my little hottie! She's a carbuff and loves to work on the 'Stang. She helped with installation ofthe new intakes, clutch quadrant, lower control arms, and othermiscellaneous jobs on the car," Rory says. "She can handle the car well,too. Last pass at the track she ran a 13.20 at 106 out the door with nosecond gear and poor traction!"

You're a lucky man, Rory. Not just because of the lovely Amber, but yourcar sounds cool. It features a 0.030-over 302 with a 150 shot of NOSnitrous, a Ford Racing Performance Parts F303 camshaft, a ProfessionalProducts Typhoon intake, BFG drag radials, and more. Rory also saysAmber owns an '89 Mustang that she's swapping a V-8 into, so he betterwatch out.

December 2007 - Sarah

It's common for guys to send in shots of their girlfriends and wivesnext to their Mustangs. Some guys even use BOTM as an opportunity totalk girls they know into swimwear. Whatever works for them works forus, but there's nothing quite like a lovely lady who sends in picturesof herself with her Mustang. A beautiful girl in a fast 'Stang is everyMustang guy's dream.

To that end, we present 27-year-old Sarah Post of Coralville, Iowa. "Idrive a '94 Mustang GT convertible, and I would like to be the DecemberBabe of the Month. I'm a bartender at a college bar close to theUniversity of Iowa who likes to drive fast and put the top down and letmy hair blow in the wind."

To get her 'Stang up to speed, Sarah has added a Flowmaster exhaust,Bullitt wheels, BFG tires, and a BBK cold-air kit. Lowering springs arenext on the list, but we're fairly sure they won't be Sarah's last mods.