December 31, 2007

July 2007 - Trisha

If you've been reading 5.0&SF for a long time, you know Editor Turnerhas a thing for the TV version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So itshouldn't come as a huge surprise that Trisha's photos immediately wentup on our BOTM Web poll. "I'll tell you about Trisha," says Marc Willis,owner of the Cobra in the background. "Besides being a Sarah MichelleGeller look-alike, she's a sweet 22-year-old Mid-Western girl(Missouri). At about 5 feet 2 inches, she was surprisingly full ofenergy as she volunteered to add the hiss to go along with my venomousCobra." Apparently, our readers like Trisha too--she walked away withalmost 60 percent of the vote in our poll.

Marc is serving in the U.S. Navy, and the uniform must have served himwell. He managed to get another girl, Shannon, to take Trisha's pictureswith the Cobra in the parking lot of Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego,California. Marc's car isn't just a looker with a looker, either. He hashad plenty of parts added by Ricardo and Gonzalo Topete of GTR HighPerformance. A few highlights of the '04 Cobra's mods include aStiegemeier Stage IV-ported supercharger, Billetflow pulleys, an Accufabthrottle body, a Fluidyne heat exchanger, a DiabloSport tuner, and more.All told, the Cobra puts down 492 hp and 461 lb-ft at the rear wheels.Kudos on the car and the photos, Marc.

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August 2007 - Jessica

We have to hand it to Jessica Lockwood. Not only did the lovely Ms.Lockwood take the honors in our online BOTM poll, but she really wentout of her way on the photos, which were taken by Brandon McAlister. Thephotos are downright professional and include props such as wrenches andtoolboxes, which are apparently hers. It's a sure thing that the qualityphotos didn't hurt Jessica's cause, so you wannabe BOTMs keep that inmind. It also didn't hurt that Jessica is a true Mustang fan.

"Unlike most of the girls in Babe of the Month, I'm posing on my ownMustang--a '95 5.0 with a lot of extras," Jessica says in her e-mail."I'm a Mustang lover; cars are my one passion in life. I would love tobe a Babe of the Month. Please let me know if you're interested; thankyou so much for your time."

Not only is a pretty girl who works on her Mustang a rarity, but it'salso rare to see someone giving an SN-95 5.0 the treatment it deserves.So far, she has added Flowmaster mufflers, Cobra wheels, loweringsprings, an FRPP King Cobra clutch, and a chip. She has a Pro-5.0shifter and long-tube headers ready to go, and hopes to make the move toa 351 with a super-charger in the future. Good luck, Jessica.

September 2007 - Samantha

Pete Castaldo says his girlfriend, Samantha, "loves Mustangs and can'twait to own another one; she's Pony-less right now. She still rides inmy car and enjoys going to the track." Of course, since Pete is ahardcore 5.0&SF reader, we can tell where his priorities are--he didn'ttell us much else about the lovely Samantha. He did have plenty to sayabout his Sonic Blue '03 Mustang GT. "Its the third Mustang I've ownedand I can't imagine getting rid of it. I bought it in June, and it wastotally stock. I have done everything myself--with the help of some goodfriends and a great tuner. It should be making about 380 rwhp and about400 rwtq."

To get there, Pete added a ProCharger P-1SC, an SCT Xcalibrator 2 withcustom tuning by Modular Madness, a DiabloSport MAFia, a BBK 75mmthrottle body, a C&L RPM intake plenum, a Flowmaster Amer-ican Thundersystem, an Auto Meter Cobalt, an AEM Wideband gauge, and much more. Nicework, Pete, but make sure you let Samantha know there's room for morethan Mustangs in your garage.