December 31, 2007

April 2007 Elizabeth

Eighteen-year-old Elizabeth Dauphinais of Creedmoor, North Carolina,says her boyfriend is an avid reader of 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, andfrom the sounds of her car, she must be too. "It's my dream to befeatured in your magazine," Elizabeth says. "My boyfriend has a '94 GTas well, but it's not nearly as modified as mine. He has a subscriptionto 5.0&SF, and he loves checking out the tech articles, and especiallythe BOTM. He would be so surprised, and I know it would make his life--itwould make mine, too--to see his girl in his favorite magazine."

Well, Elizabeth, we're glad we could help. We also have to give youmajor kudos on your '94. It's nice to see someone giving the SN-95 GTproper respect. We're glad to see you installed some of the partsyourself. For those interested in the car, Elizabeth's ride is moddedwith a BBK cold-air kit, a 100-horse NOS kit, a Pro 5.0 shifter, 3.73gears, a Trick Flow intake, a Comp cam, heads from Ford RacingPerformance Parts, a 65mm throttle body, BBK short-tube headers,Flowmaster mufflers, a Cervini's hood, Roush wheels, and BFGoodrichtires.

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And for some help shooting pics of your girl/yourself for Babe of the Month, check out our BOTM Photo Tips Story

May 2007 Samantha

You really have to hand it to Jeff "Kinger" King for this month's BOTMfeat. Not only did he convince 19-year-old Samantha Feaker to pose withhis '04 GT, but he talked photographer Amanda Ford( into taking the shots for him. Nice work,Jeff. Samantha is a cheerleader and student at Barton Community Collegein Great Bend, Kansas, as well as a waitress at Fuel, a local pub andracer hangout. Does "Wanna be 5.0&SF Babe of the Month?" work as apickup line, Jeff? It worked well enough to get Samantha to pose withhis car, we suppose. The car in question features a Vortech V-2SQ andputs down 430 hp and 420 lb-ft to the wheels. But in all the excitementfrom this photo shoot, Jeff blew the motor, and at the time of thiswriting, he is weeks away from installing a forged short-block with allthe goodies. Jeff says he's shooting for 550 to 600 hp. With that kindof power, Jeff ought to really be able to impress the wait staff atFuel.

June 2007 Sarah

"My name is Sarah, and I'm from Lee's Summit, Missouri. I'm 20 yearsold, and I want to be Babe of the Month!" Of course, there's more to itthan asking. Sarah sent us pictures of her and her '90 5.0 Mustang. Nowwe're talking! Sarah competed with two other BOTM contenders on the Webpoll ( and she won by a landslide with 65percent of the vote. And, that vote was just based on her photos--if youguys knew what she told us, the vote might have been more lopsided.

"I race my car, too." Sarah says. "I'm involved in a local racingseries, which is VAMP Automotive Heads-Up Racing. My car has a 302 withExplorer heads, an Explorer intake, 3.73 gears, a five-speed tranny,Cobra R wheels, a Cervini's Cobra R hood, a cold-air intake, underdrivepulleys, and an electric fan. It should run 13.50s in the quarter-mile.During my first year racing in 2004, I was the Stock Street champion."

Now that's our idea of a BOTM. Good work, Sarah.