December 31, 2007

Our 2007 BOTMs, with the hot pics you saw in the pages of 5.0, PLUS some pics we couldn't print!

January 2007: Danielle

Apparently, Fox Mustangs are still chick magnets. Nick Niedbalski of St.Louis, Missouri, says he has lots of photos of girls with his '88Mustang GT. Well, Nick obviously has great taste, as he sent in picturesof Danielle and she took top honors in our online BOTM poll.

Sadly, Nick didn't tell us much more about the lovely Danielle. Abouthis car, on the other hand, he had plenty to tell us (not that you aretoo concerned). His '88 features a Vortech supercharger, a Trick Flowintake, BBK headers, a BBK X-shape crossover system, Flowmaster exhaust,3.73 rearend gears, B&M transmission, B&M hammer shifter, chrome-molyadjustable control arms, Ford Racing Performance Parts springs, and tonsof chrome.

February 2007: Marian

Back in the days before our BOTM Web poll, we knew we had a winner assoon as we opened the envelope. It's good to be assured our instinctsare still spot-on, because we figured Marian Gomez of Warner Robins,Georgia, was going to run away with the competition. Guess what? Shedid. It couldn't hurt that Marian was posing in front of a cool ColoradoRed '86 Fox coupe owned by her boyfriend, Eric Yentzer of Super SixMotorsports [(478) 256-7766;] fame--sorryguys. Super Six specializes in hot-rodding the 3.8L V-6 engine, butEric's car is powered by a 306ci V-8 with a Holley carb, an EdelbrockPerformer RPM intake, ported E7TE heads, a Crane cam, and more.

Of course, it's Marian's combination you really want to know about. "I'm18 and I live in Warner Robins, Georgia," Marian says. "I think ya'llneed a little bit of Latina heat to spice up your Babe of the Monthpage. I love anything with a Blue Oval, but my heart belongs to theMustang..." We couldn't agree more with Marian's idea to spice up ourlittle page, and I'll bet several of our readers' hearts belong to hernow. Eric's car is pretty nice, too.

Think your gal is BOTM material? Then send your photos and cardescriptions to BOTM, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, 9036 Brittany Way,Tampa, FL 33619, or

March 2007: Dana

Talk about a landslide. Dana Bowen of Hiram, Georgia, took our March '07BOTM Web poll by storm with 51.92 percent of the vote. With hercompetitors splitting the rest of the votes, Dana maintained her leadthroughout the poll. It goes to show what the right photos can do for acontestant, because it was Dana's second try at BOTM fame. "I know thisis the second time sending in pics, and month after month, I amdisappointed because my pics have yet to be chosen," Dana says.

"I know I am way cuter than these girls you have picked and myMustang--well it is a Mustang, how could you possibly even give thosewannabe Mustangs a chance?" You might think she's being cocky, and wewon't back her up on knocking prior BOTM rides, but the car she's withis hers--that deserves some respect. "My black-on-black Fox-body coupeand I could show these ladies a thing or two," she adds. We have to giveher props for the Fox-body coupe with black interior, and she did showus a thing or two. We're glad Dana didn't give up the first time.