May 9, 2006

Ah, yes, another month, another BOTM poll. Thank God we live in a world where finding smoking hot women with Mustangs is not a problem! This month's voting has the citizens of 5.0 Nation choosing between Rebecca, Wendy and Michelle for Babe supremacy in the November issue. Oddly enough, we again have a Fox versus an SN95 versus an S197.

For the sake of Mustang faithful, 5.0 wants to follow OSHA guidelines for internet browsing safety. So lock the wheels on your chair, both hands on the desk, and make sure the boss, girlfriend or wife aren't around, and enjoy this month's BOTM poll!

Also, watch for our upcoming web special, Tips & Tricks for Shooting Your Girl for Babe of the Month. It'll feature pictures, video tips, and easy to understand photo tips so you can have the best chance to be featured on Babe of the Month.

Bassani Tech Tip of the Month

Bassani Xhaust Tip: Before removing your stock exhaust system, thoroughly lubricate all rubber isolators the hangers are attached to, and the nuts and bolts holding the system together. You'll be glad you did, as the hangers will slide right out. Any spray lube will work, and be sure to wear eye protection.

For more tech help and information on Bassani products, visit their website at

The results are in, and Marie has taken the crown for October 2006 Bassani Babe of the Month

Which one of these ladies should be the November 2006 Bassani Babe of the Month?




The votes are in, and Rebecca has taken the crown for November 2006 Babe of the Month!