February 13, 2006

Making the most of her second chance, Lisa came out on top in our Babe of the Month second chance poll.

Well, we had a bit of a goof on our last BOTM poll. It said for July,but it was really for the June issue. With Jessica pulling out the win,she'll now be our June BOTM. That leaves 5.0 Nation another chance tovote on the July 2006 Babe of the Month.

And speaking of second chances, we've had some absolutely gorgeouscontestants in our last few polls who came up just a bit short for BOTM,so we're going to take two of our second place finishers, fill up theBOTM ring with some fresh mud and see which Babe of the Month "SecondChance" hottie can come out on top!

As always, we want the eager citizens of 5.0 Nation to practice safeinternet browsing, and with this group of jaw-dropping Mustang babesmake sure both hands are on the keyboard and the boss isn't around!

So check out the pics and vote in the poll below!