February 8, 2006

Judging by our web numbers, most everyone has seen our "Babes of SEMA 2005" feature, showing off the alluring ladies who made us forget about the pins and needles being stuck in the bottoms of our feet after walking the show.

So, the crack team of 5.0 staff members (except Assoc. Editor Johnson, his Babe privileges have been revoked!) got together and sorted through all the lovely ladies to find the top 15 for 5.0 nation to vote on for the Hottest Babe of SEMA 2005.

So, check out the photos, then vote in the poll below. And remember, BOTH hands on the keyboard!

Which one of these lovely vixens is the Hottest Babe or Babes of the 2005 SEMA Show?

All the votes are in, and 5.0 Nation has decided Babe Number 7 was the hottest babe of SEMA 2005! If any loyal members of the nation can tell us her name, shoot us an email, 5.0mailbag@primedia.com