December 31, 2006

July 2006: Lisa

We are suckers for self-promotion, and apparently our BOTM voters aretoo. Lisa Taraglinone of Aurora, Illinois, (home of Wayne and Garth),proved a most excellent BOTM candidate in our second-chance poll, whichpitted some of the best runners-up in past BOTM polls. Lisa took the winin a landslide, with nearly 68 percent of the vote. If only ourpresidential elections were so clear-cut. Lisa reportedly loves fastcars, and apparently loves reading 5.0&SF, and if you care, she's posingin front of Bruno Parmeziani's '00 Mustang GT. Bruno says 20-year-oldLisa is a party girl and aspiring actress, but it's not hard for her toact as if she likes Bruno's car, which features ARE wheels, Nitto tires,Corbeau seats, a BBK shifter, 3.55 gears, and a K&N cold-air intake.

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August 2006: Jackie

Jackie Ryburn's husband didn't say much about his wife or even give ushis name, but as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. At leastit did in our online BOTM poll, where Jackie took the August crown in alandslide. Jackie owns a Screaming Yellow '04 V-6 Mustang, but the carin the photos is her husband's '00 GT. It has quite a number of bolt-onmods, including underdrive pulleys, cold-air induction, a 70mm throttlebody, a Bassani X-shape exhaust crossover, DynoMax mufflers, aDiabloSport Predator, 4.10 gears, a B&M short-throw shifter, and an FRPPKing Cobra clutch.

September 2006: Sophie

After one of the closest online poll battles in recent memory, JoshMcKeown's wife, Sophie G, took the crown for this month's BOTM. "Hereare some shots of my wife," Josh said. "She works in computers inupstate New York, and she loves her new '05 Mustang. It's Candyapple Redlike she wanted since she was a kid. I know she's BOTM material. I hopeyou agree!" Sadly, he didn't provide much more detail on Sophie or thecar, but we can tell it's a stock six-cylinder with a five-speed. Let'sget with it, Josh. How about some wheels, tires, suspension, and asupercharger? A BOTM needs a high-performance ride!