December 31, 2006

Our 2006 BOTMs, with the great pics you saw in the pages of 5.0, PLUS some pics we couldn't print!

April 2006: Sabrina

"I want to be your Babe of the Month!" the e-mail said. Well, if therewas ever a case of BOTM at first sight, it was Sabrina Silvers. She waschosen as this month's BOTM by a lucky panel of our Web site readers.

Sabrina had our vote the second we opened her e-mail. She says herboyfriend, who races a pair of Mustangs, has turned her into amotorhead. And, better yet, the '02 Saleen is hers. So far, she's addedan aluminum driveshaft, an upgraded rear gear, a modified exhaustsystem, and 10-inch rear tires. She plans to add a Novi 2000supercharger and eventually get the car into the 10s! "I have all thequalities a BOTM should possess, and more," she added. "My Saleen is mypride and joy, I take excellent care of it."

Ah, what a lucky Saleen.

Think your gal is BOTM material? Then send your photos and cardescriptions to BOTM, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, 9036 Brittany Way,Tampa, FL 33619, or

May 2006: Cassandra

We don't hear this often, but Chad Malone bought his '97 Cobra with27,000 miles on it, and in a year he added only 11,000 miles and a setof lower springs and 17x9 Cobra Rs. "I want to keep it as original as Ican," he says. More importantly, Chad said that Cassandra wanted a shotas our Babe of the Month, and since she obviously deserves it (and Chadsent us a bunch of great photos), we let Cassandra slug it out with twoother lovely ladies on our Web site. After thousands of votes were cast,Cassandra came away with 62 percent for a landslide victory and anappearance on this page. Good for her, and lucky for us.

June 2006: Jessica

We're not sure how we missed her the first time around, but JessicaLeigh of New Port Richey, Florida, says this is her second attempt atlanding the coveted Babe of the Month spot. Apparently our Web readershave a better eye than we do, as they selected her over three otherlovely ladies. Maybe it's because 25-year-old Jessica and her fianceDaniel are the proud owners of a highly modified 10th Anniversary '03Cobra. Better yet, Jessica is learning the ways of the quarter-mile inthe car, and she's run a best of an 11.23-second e.t. on the bottle.With a little more practice, she's expecting to knock down 10s. In caseyou're interested in more than Jessica, the Cobra's mods include a6-pound upper pulley, a ported blower, an AFCO heat exchanger, a ColdFusion nitrous kit, Nitto drag radials