December 31, 2006

Our 2006 BOTMs, with the great pics you saw in the pages of 5.0, PLUS some pics we couldn't print!

January 2006: Kelly

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It's bad enough when you see a guy driving a Mustang that's much nicerthan yours. Just think how bad you'd feel if he rolled down thepassenger window and you saw Kelly riding with him (when she's notdriving her own '01 V-6). That pretty much tables all arguments, right?Don't hate Shane Breiling too much--he's a true Mustang fan. He's owned15 Mustangs so far, after getting started with an '84 1/2 GT350 when hewas 16. "I remember the first time I heard a 5.0 with an off-road H-pipeand two-chamber Flowmasters--from that day forward my heart belonged toFord."

His current ride, seen somewhere in this photo, is a '94 GT with afive-speed, Saleen wheels, Saleen springs, Bilstein shocks and struts,an aluminum driveshaft, 4.10 gears, a Steeda Tri-Ax shifter, and a KingCobra clutch. "It was built mainly for looks, but will hold its own onFriday nights. Thank you for your great magazine. I've been buying itoff the rack since the beginning, and have crates and crates of yourpast issues I treat like heirlooms," Shane added. "Kelly finally got memy first subscription this year. She's hoping to break into modeling, soI figured you guys would be the first to get her photos." Thanks, Shane.You better lavish some of the attention you give to old copies of 5.0&SFon Kelly. We're guessing that modeling thing is going to work out forher.

February 2006: Kristin

We tried something new in BOTM Land for the February babe. This month's winner waschosen by visitors to our Web site, Of thenearly 50,000 votes, Kristin Scali of Daytona Beach, Florida, took thecrown with a whopping 45 percent of the vote. She must be somethingspecial, because her boyfriend, Jeff, bought her this '96 GT. Since sheslid behind the wheel, the pair has added a K&N filter, an X-pipe,Flowmaster mufflers, underdrive pulleys, a Pro-5.0 shifter, a Tremec TKOfive-speed, a Ram clutch, a Lakewood bellhousing, and a hidden Compucarnitrous system. Now why would you need to hide that nitrous system,Kristin? Are you picking on all those guys who flirt with you atstoplights?

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March 2006: Kayla

Brad Greene of Georgetown, Indiana, really knows how to rub it in. Notonly is he the proud owner of a red '05 GT with Le Mans stripes courtesyof Graphic Express, but he is Kayla Leffler's boyfriend. Brad says thatguys check out Kayla more than his car, which should come as nosurprise. But what's more impressive is that she loves to help him washand wax the car before shows and enjoys modeling for the camera. Bradsays he's going to keep his '05 stock until the warranty expires (we allsay that, Brad) and, until then, Kayla is the perfect mod for his car.That we can't all say! By the way, Kayla was chosen as this month's BOTMby a lucky panel of our 5.0 Web site readers.

Our 2006 BOTMs, with the great pics you saw in the pages of 5.0, PLUS some pics we couldn't print!

April 2006: Sabrina

"I want to be your Babe of the Month!" the e-mail said. Well, if therewas ever a case of BOTM at first sight, it was Sabrina Silvers. She waschosen as this month's BOTM by a lucky panel of our Web site readers.

Sabrina had our vote the second we opened her e-mail. She says herboyfriend, who races a pair of Mustangs, has turned her into amotorhead. And, better yet, the '02 Saleen is hers. So far, she's addedan aluminum driveshaft, an upgraded rear gear, a modified exhaustsystem, and 10-inch rear tires. She plans to add a Novi 2000supercharger and eventually get the car into the 10s! "I have all thequalities a BOTM should possess, and more," she added. "My Saleen is mypride and joy, I take excellent care of it."

Ah, what a lucky Saleen.

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May 2006: Cassandra

We don't hear this often, but Chad Malone bought his '97 Cobra with27,000 miles on it, and in a year he added only 11,000 miles and a setof lower springs and 17x9 Cobra Rs. "I want to keep it as original as Ican," he says. More importantly, Chad said that Cassandra wanted a shotas our Babe of the Month, and since she obviously deserves it (and Chadsent us a bunch of great photos), we let Cassandra slug it out with twoother lovely ladies on our Web site. After thousands of votes were cast,Cassandra came away with 62 percent for a landslide victory and anappearance on this page. Good for her, and lucky for us.

June 2006: Jessica

We're not sure how we missed her the first time around, but JessicaLeigh of New Port Richey, Florida, says this is her second attempt atlanding the coveted Babe of the Month spot. Apparently our Web readershave a better eye than we do, as they selected her over three otherlovely ladies. Maybe it's because 25-year-old Jessica and her fianceDaniel are the proud owners of a highly modified 10th Anniversary '03Cobra. Better yet, Jessica is learning the ways of the quarter-mile inthe car, and she's run a best of an 11.23-second e.t. on the bottle.With a little more practice, she's expecting to knock down 10s. In caseyou're interested in more than Jessica, the Cobra's mods include a6-pound upper pulley, a ported blower, an AFCO heat exchanger, a ColdFusion nitrous kit, Nitto drag radials

July 2006: Lisa

We are suckers for self-promotion, and apparently our BOTM voters aretoo. Lisa Taraglinone of Aurora, Illinois, (home of Wayne and Garth),proved a most excellent BOTM candidate in our second-chance poll, whichpitted some of the best runners-up in past BOTM polls. Lisa took the winin a landslide, with nearly 68 percent of the vote. If only ourpresidential elections were so clear-cut. Lisa reportedly loves fastcars, and apparently loves reading 5.0&SF, and if you care, she's posingin front of Bruno Parmeziani's '00 Mustang GT. Bruno says 20-year-oldLisa is a party girl and aspiring actress, but it's not hard for her toact as if she likes Bruno's car, which features ARE wheels, Nitto tires,Corbeau seats, a BBK shifter, 3.55 gears, and a K&N cold-air intake.

Think your gal is BOTM material? Then send your photos and cardescriptions to BOTM, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, 9036 Brittany Way,Tampa, FL 33619, or

August 2006: Jackie

Jackie Ryburn's husband didn't say much about his wife or even give ushis name, but as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. At leastit did in our online BOTM poll, where Jackie took the August crown in alandslide. Jackie owns a Screaming Yellow '04 V-6 Mustang, but the carin the photos is her husband's '00 GT. It has quite a number of bolt-onmods, including underdrive pulleys, cold-air induction, a 70mm throttlebody, a Bassani X-shape exhaust crossover, DynoMax mufflers, aDiabloSport Predator, 4.10 gears, a B&M short-throw shifter, and an FRPPKing Cobra clutch.

September 2006: Sophie

After one of the closest online poll battles in recent memory, JoshMcKeown's wife, Sophie G, took the crown for this month's BOTM. "Hereare some shots of my wife," Josh said. "She works in computers inupstate New York, and she loves her new '05 Mustang. It's Candyapple Redlike she wanted since she was a kid. I know she's BOTM material. I hopeyou agree!" Sadly, he didn't provide much more detail on Sophie or thecar, but we can tell it's a stock six-cylinder with a five-speed. Let'sget with it, Josh. How about some wheels, tires, suspension, and asupercharger? A BOTM needs a high-performance ride!

October 2006: Marie

I knew there was a reason New Smyrna Beach, Florida, was my favorite getaway. It's not just the surf and sand or breakfast at the Beacon and dinner at Stavro's pizza--it's obviously home to some beautiful babes. Fortunately for us, Marie's boyfriend Mark Ludwig is the proud owner of a Crystal White '95 GT. The GT features a full MAC exhaust, a MAC cold-air kit, a Pro-M Bullet mass air, Eibach Pro-Kit springs, a Fluidyne radiator, a black Cobra wing, and sequential '96-'98 taillights.

As for Mark's babe, he says, "Her name is Marie and she also lives right outside Daytona in New Smyrna Beach. Now she's a real car girl. She likes to help out and work on cars herself too. Sounds like the perfect girl, huh? She even has her own detail business and will come and clean your condo or your automobile--talk about getting your money's worth! If you want your car detailed right and a little eye candy too, call her up 'cause she loves to detail in a bikini and loves it when you watch."

Wow, Mark, you're one lucky fellow--a car girl, bikini babe, and a clean car. That sounds like one heck of a detailing business. Remind me to make an appointment next time I'm in town.

Think your gal is BOTM material? Then send your photos and cardescriptions to BOTM, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, 9036 Brittany Way,Tampa, FL 33619, or

November 2006: Rebecca

We didn't have a Web poll blowout of these proportions in quite a while.Apparently our readers really like 21-year-old Rebecca Shaw fromGeorgia. Not only is this peach a stunner, but she's really a Mustanggirl, which is always a plus in our book. "I want to be your Babe of theMonth! I have wanted to be since I was 17 and bought my first Mustang,"Rebecca wrote. "Since then, I have bought two more including thebeautiful brand new '06 in the pictures." Wow. Three Mustangs in threeyears.

Of course, Rebecca's Mustangs had little to do with her big win. We'reguessing it was the bikini photos, but the V-6 is no mere backdrop.Rebecca's adding parts left and right. "It has a VMP Tuning CAI, a GTmuffler, and it's SCT tuned by VMP Tuning. It has a manual transmission,and I love driving it! In the next couple of weeks, the car will begetting a Vortech Supercharger," she added. "As it is now, I ran a 14.6at 95 mph at South Georgia Motorsports Park. I can't wait to run the carwith the Vortech and hopefully send you updated pictures." Please do.You can even send pictures of the car.

December 2006: Kim & Candyce

We have to hand it to Aaron Benson for being persistent. It's probablybecause he wants us to plug his Web sites, but we're happy to be therecipients of his repeated attempts. He has a knack for convincing theloveliest ladies to pose with his '96 Saleen clone. In fact, he managedto turn it into a part-time gig with his Web sites ( He uses the sites to make a little extra money whilehe's working toward his business and communication degrees at ArizonaState University. We were never that lucky in college, but as they say,you make your own luck.

That's exactly what Aaron did with his '96 GT when he turned it into aconvincing facsimile of a '96 Saleen. The car goes way beyond a stockSaleen, however. It includes a built Two-Valve motor; a thumpin' audiosystem replete with Clarion, Alpine, and JL hardware; a full Saleen bodykit, including the S351 wing; and much more. Of course, you can check itout on one of Aaron's Web sites. You might even see the lovely sistersKim and Candyce there. We aren't sure which is which, but it's not likethey'd talk to us anyway. Seriously, Aaron says the girls are "cool anddown to earth." One thing's for sure--the weather isn't the only thingthat's hot in Arizona.