December 31, 2006

Our 2006 BOTMs, with the great pics you saw in the pages of 5.0, PLUS some pics we couldn't print!

January 2006: Kelly

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It's bad enough when you see a guy driving a Mustang that's much nicerthan yours. Just think how bad you'd feel if he rolled down thepassenger window and you saw Kelly riding with him (when she's notdriving her own '01 V-6). That pretty much tables all arguments, right?Don't hate Shane Breiling too much--he's a true Mustang fan. He's owned15 Mustangs so far, after getting started with an '84 1/2 GT350 when hewas 16. "I remember the first time I heard a 5.0 with an off-road H-pipeand two-chamber Flowmasters--from that day forward my heart belonged toFord."

His current ride, seen somewhere in this photo, is a '94 GT with afive-speed, Saleen wheels, Saleen springs, Bilstein shocks and struts,an aluminum driveshaft, 4.10 gears, a Steeda Tri-Ax shifter, and a KingCobra clutch. "It was built mainly for looks, but will hold its own onFriday nights. Thank you for your great magazine. I've been buying itoff the rack since the beginning, and have crates and crates of yourpast issues I treat like heirlooms," Shane added. "Kelly finally got memy first subscription this year. She's hoping to break into modeling, soI figured you guys would be the first to get her photos." Thanks, Shane.You better lavish some of the attention you give to old copies of 5.0&SFon Kelly. We're guessing that modeling thing is going to work out forher.

February 2006: Kristin

We tried something new in BOTM Land for the February babe. This month's winner waschosen by visitors to our Web site, Of thenearly 50,000 votes, Kristin Scali of Daytona Beach, Florida, took thecrown with a whopping 45 percent of the vote. She must be somethingspecial, because her boyfriend, Jeff, bought her this '96 GT. Since sheslid behind the wheel, the pair has added a K&N filter, an X-pipe,Flowmaster mufflers, underdrive pulleys, a Pro-5.0 shifter, a Tremec TKOfive-speed, a Ram clutch, a Lakewood bellhousing, and a hidden Compucarnitrous system. Now why would you need to hide that nitrous system,Kristin? Are you picking on all those guys who flirt with you atstoplights?

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March 2006: Kayla

Brad Greene of Georgetown, Indiana, really knows how to rub it in. Notonly is he the proud owner of a red '05 GT with Le Mans stripes courtesyof Graphic Express, but he is Kayla Leffler's boyfriend. Brad says thatguys check out Kayla more than his car, which should come as nosurprise. But what's more impressive is that she loves to help him washand wax the car before shows and enjoys modeling for the camera. Bradsays he's going to keep his '05 stock until the warranty expires (we allsay that, Brad) and, until then, Kayla is the perfect mod for his car.That we can't all say! By the way, Kayla was chosen as this month's BOTMby a lucky panel of our 5.0 Web site readers.