January 10, 2006

Since crowning our last Babe of the Year (BOTY to you new guys) we knoweveryone's been waiting to see when we'd put the poll up for the 2005BOTY. Well, the wait's over! It's time for 5.0 Nation to tell us whothey want to be the next BOTY. The basic rules are simple, just checkout the pics below of the Babes of the Month from all 12 issues from2005, and vote for the one you think should represent 5.0 as the BOTY.

And we'll have no hanging chads or other voting shenanigans for thisyear's poll! To make it fair, everyone participant gets one vote, andwe'll post regular updates to let everyone know what the totals are.

So check out the picks below, then select at the bottom who you want tobe the next Babe of the Year.

It's Done! The polls are closed! Kandyce is the 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords Babe of the Year!