December 31, 2005

October 2005: Sascha

Can you blame us? We simply have a weakness for attractive women whoown fast Mustangs. There aren't many such ladies around, but24-year-old Sascha Brash is one self-proclaimed fast girl. If you lookclosely, you can see her '90 LX in the picture. "I do all my own work onmy car, and I love to add performance mods to it whenever possible. Itake my 'Stang for fun to the Streets of Willow at the local WillowSprings Raceway here in L.A. for track days, and I'll be taking my carto the local drags at L.A. County Raceway to hopefully get some decenttimes when I install my supercharger later this year," Sascha writes. "Ialso love to read your magazine every month to keep up to date on allthe latest news and info in the Mustang world."

Among her car's current mods are a BBK throttle body, a Bassani X-pipe,Flowmaster mufflers, a Pro-5.0 shifter, 3.73 gears, a Cobra disc brakeconversion, and 17-inch Chrome Cobra R wheels. By year's end Saschaplans on installing a Powerdyne supercharger, an FRPP cam, and a 3-inchcowl hood. We just wonder if her husband Mark (sorry, guys), can keepup in his '01 GT.

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November 2005: Sheila

What's that saying about a picture and a thousand words? Sheila Tuckerdidn't have much to say except that she drives her Mustang daily to herhair-styling job, and that she wants to be BOTM. Oh yeah, there was thisstring of numbers: 34D-23.5-32.5. Must be her VIN. Sheila's 29, and sheobviously digs her Mustang, which is somewhere in the photos. Itfeatures a tubular K-member, tubular control arms, coilover struts,weight-jacker rear lower control arms, 3.73 gears, a TA girdle (Stopsnickering, it's for the rearend. Oh, you know what I meant! The 8.8...),Moser axles, a MAC after-cat, a MAC H-pipe with high-flow cats, and WeldPro Stars. Sheila didn't say where she was from, but if she was at myneighborhood scissor shop, I might get my hair cut more often than twicea year.

December 2005: Tara

Steve Nanovski of Clinton Township, Michigan, rides on the dark side.Black cars and brunettes are apparently his thing. We would consideranyone who owned a pair of Cobras--a '93 and a'98--a lucky guy, butSteve's luck doesn't end there. That's his girlfriend, Tara Raies,keeping you from even noticing the black snakes. Steve says she'sdefinitely a keeper after only nine months of dating. "Unfortunately,she gets nervous around the cars as she knows how meticulous I am aboutkeeping them clean and scratch-free!" he says. Don't worry, Steve.That's why she's a keeper. She respects your 'Stangs. That and she looksbetter than both of them put together. If you guys care, both cars havelimo tint, Steeda Tri-Ax shifters, BBK long-tube headers, and Flowmasterafter-cats. The '98 also has 4.10 gears, Eibach springs, and BBKunderdrive pulleys. So they, like Tara, are fully loaded.