December 31, 2005

May 2005: Brooke

How's this for a lucky man? His lovely wife owns an automatic '97 GTwith an exhaust and a computer chip, which she runs to a 9.40 in theeighth-mile. Oh, yeah, she wants to be BOTM. The man in question isGannon Latham of Arab, Alabama, and his lovely wife, Brooke, told himshe would love to be Babe of the Month, but we would never give it toher. Well, Brooke, we know it will be tough for you to admit, but Gannonwas right about this one. Gannon, since she lost the bet, can you sendus a few more of those "extra" pictures?

Think your gal is BOTM material? Then send your photos and car descriptions to BOTM, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, 9036 Brittany Way,Tampa, FL 33619, or

June 2005: Brittany

Not to belabor the point, but some guys are just using up all the luck.Don't you think they should have the decency to share a little with therest of us? Case in point is Brian Wesche of Lakeland, Florida. He comesfrom a family full of Mustangs--his aunt and uncle have a garage full ofSaleens, including an S351! Brian is the rebel in the family because heowns a LeMans-striped Roush 360R. But it's the person that usuallyoccupies Brian's passenger seat that got our attention--a lot ofattention. Brittany Lee is a 20-year-old student at Florida SouthernCollege, and she's Brian's girlfriend. We can only guess it was easierto get a shot of her behind the wheel of his pal Rick Rahn's427-Windsor-powered Cobra replica than his own Roush coupe. Either way,Rick won't be cleaning this seat any time soon. By the way, Brian, justbecause our office isn't in Lakeland anymore doesn't mean you can't stopby--with Brittany, of course.

July 2005: Donette

Believe it or not, this month's BOTM actually works on a Ford AssemblyLine in Hazelwood, Missouri, outside St. Louis. There, Donette Georgebolts together Explorers, Mountaineers, and Aviators, while heroff-hours are apparently taken up by causing her male neighbors to runtheir lawn mowers into mailboxes while they watch her wash her baby. Thebaby in question is Donette's '02 GT--yeah, there's a car in the picturesomewhere. "Who needs a man to have a nice 'Stang?" Donette asks, and wecan't argue. Her car features a BBK cold-air, Flowmaster mufflers, Marchunderdrive pulleys, '03 Cobra brakes, Eibach springs, and a DiabloSportchip. Trying to distract onlookers from the owner are 18-inch Saleenwheels, Cobra mirrors, and plenty of billet bling inside. For those ofyou thinking you've found your dream girl, she's single with no kids,models in her free time, and even helped do some of the work on the car.If you are lucky, you can catch Donette and her car at a show in theKansas City/St. Louis area.

August 2005: Jane Doe

September 2005: Summer

There's nothing quite like Summer and a Mustang--not the season, IvanMatos' girlfriend, Summer. Ivan's a lucky guy, and he knows it. "Mygirlfriend, Summer, is a 25-year-old hottie that I can't keep off myhood. She loves to pose. She also loves for my car to look good," Ivanexplains. "She's purchased quite a few mods for me over the past sixmonths, including the Cobra R Wing, a C&L plenum, a Bassani X-pipe, andfour new tires (Sumitomo HTR 2 II). The X-pipe and tires wereValentine's Day presents. She even helped me install the wing, which hasbecome a real head-turner." Besides Summer on the hood, Ivan's car alsohas an '00 Cobra R front bumper, Cobra white-face gauges, a Cobra radardetector, Bullitt exhaust, Bullitt pedals and shift knob, Steeda Sportsprings, a Steeda strut-tower brace, a Tri-Ax shifter, Steeda subframeconnectors, a DenseCharger cold-air kit, an 85mm mass air meter, a BBK75mm throttle body, and a C&L intake plenum.