December 31, 2005

The BOTMs from 2005 with pictures you didn't see in the pages of 5.0M&SF!

January 2005: Katrina

We've never seen a Porno Red Fox-body interior we foundattractive--until we received a letter from Colin O'Brien. That'sbecause seated in Colin's '93 Mustang LX is his fiancee, KatrinaCrossman. Fortunately, Katrina does a great job distracting us from thered interior. "She features a nice pair of headlights, a custom paintjob on her toenails, and let's not forget, the junk in trunk," saysColin. Well, we won't even try to top that description, but for thoseinterested in the car, it features a CCM-prepped GT-40 long-block, aTrick Flow intake, an X303 camshaft, and much more. Those wheels areHalibrand 17-inch Cobra IIIs with BFGoodrich rubber. Colin says the caris his daily driver in rain, sleet, and snow. He says it has all thefactory options and ice-cold A/C. Right, Katrina?

February 2005: Jackie

You wouldn't believe some of the stuff we get for BOTM. Love is surelyblind, but that doesn't account for the postage-stamp-size digitalphotos, the bizarre backgrounds, and the freaky poses. Fortunately,there are readers like Dave Fischer. Not only does Dave have adisproportionately hot girlfriend--Jackie Ohler--but he can also take apicture with a clean background and with Jackie posed in an attractivemanner. Moreover, Dave is a dedicated reader who bought Borla XSmufflers for his car based on our recommendation that they were quiet.As a result, he says the '98 GT is a dead-quiet sleeper that runs 11.65at 119 mph thanks to a built bottom end, ported PI heads, and a 150hpNOS NOSzle system.

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March 2005: Alissa

There's a cliche about some guys having all the luck. Apparently someonederived that saying because of a guy like Kevin Felty of NorthCharleston, South Carolina. If you don't know why by now, it's time tobust out your reading glasses. Her name is Alissa Lyons and she has morecurves than the Nubergring--for you straight-line guys, that's a lot.They're well placed, finely tuned curves too--you should have seen thephotos we didn't run. Kevin surely spends plenty of time late-apexingwith Alissa in his '01 Mustang Cobra. He gave the car the R-model look,and boosted performance with a Bassani X-pipe, Borla side-exit exhaust,Steeda underdrive pulleys, a K&N filter, and a C&L elbow. A fullaudio/visual system--with a Panasonic head unit, Rockford-Fosgate amps,and Rockford Fosgate speakers--makes the Cobra sound almost as good asAlissa looks.

April 2005: Kandyce

I have a sweet tooth so you can imagine how tough it was to go on alow-carb diet. However, making my sweet tooth ache even more is KandyceProia and her Competition Orange '01 convertible. Sure the droptop has18-inch wheels, Pirelli tires, a K&N filter, a Vortech supercharger, acam, a full Borla exhaust system and even an NOS Fogger, but the mostattractive part of the car is behind the wheel. Kandy, as you can tell,does a bit of modeling (check her out on, buther favorite thing to do is "hook her baby up!" I think, in this case,the lucky baby is her car, but now we're lucky too, because Kandy hookedus up with her pictures.