Henry De Los Santos
Mustang360 Network Content Director
March 24, 2015

Brian and Brandillyn Durbin out of Nazareth, Pennsylvania, own one clean 1993 convertible. Ever since Brian first got his license, he wanted a Reef Blue and Titanium Fox ’vert. Unfortunately for him, his mom didn’t want her son driving a car that she thought was too powerful, and understandably so.

Fast-forward to today. They found Brian’s childhood dream car just a few hours away in central Pennsylvania. Over the year they have owned it, they have left it mostly stock but do plan to kick up the powerplant for added grunt, all the while keeping the factory look.

When we asked Brandillyn what she liked most about their ride, she said, “We enjoy taking the Mustang out on sunny days to run errands and picking up our two kids from school. Our family weekend outings usually consist of attending at least one car show that we take the car to and check out other modified Mustangs.”

Our only question: When the kids turn 16, will Brian and Brandillyn hand over the keys? Either way, it’s great to see a Mustang family sharing their passion and grooming the next generation of enthusiasts. Thanks for sharing!

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