Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
March 6, 2014

As you might have guessed, 22-year-old Ashley Arrington of Stafford, Virginia, does a bit of modeling. She’s also a fan of Mustangs, so after a near miss in our BOTM poll, she wasn’t about to give up.

“I would love another opportunity, because being a model has been a passion of mine for quite some time now and I’m a Mustang fanatic,” Ashley explains. “I really hope you post these so I can get a chance to be Babe of the Month—it would mean a lot to me!”

Who are we to turn down such a pleasant request from a Mustang fan? As it turns out, the second time was the charm for Ashley. She pulled in the necessary votes to appear on this page. Now we’re all winners.

“My Mustang was totaled when I was hit by a drunk driver last year,” Ashley says. “The silver 5.0 is one of my mom and dad’s Mustangs that has been modified. It’s won a trophy at every car show it’s been entered in, and it doesn’t do bad at the track either.” The red Eleanor in the other shots is owned by a friend.

I really hope you post these so I can get a chance to be Babe of the Month—it would mean a lot to me!

Ashley works with special needs children in the school system, and some of her free time is dedicated to the Roaring Renegades Mustang club in Fredericksburg, Virgina. “I’ve attended Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, every year with my family and fellow Renegade members since my dad got back from Iraq in 2009. It’s a great event every year!” Ashley said. “I enjoy going to drag races, whether it’s to watch Courtney Force and Bob Tasca, or my dad and his friends racing their Mustangs ...”

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