July 5, 2007

The current BOTM from 2004. Since we'll be adding more Babes as the year continues , you'll need to check back often. Too bad, eh?

January 2004: Paula

Anybody thirsty for a Corona? Want some lime to go with that? How about a '97 Mustang GT with a Superchip, a BBK cold-air kit, underdrive pulleys, Cobra R wheels, a Bullitt fuel door, sequential taillights, Flowmaster mufflers, a Mach 1 chin spoiler, Steeda Sport springs, and 3.90 gears? Yeah, yeah, we're getting to it. For those who turn to this page first, you are checking out Paula Filiplak of North Charleston, South Carolina. Not only is this her car, but she's also been a subscriber of 5.0&SF for three years. She's obviously a woman of taste, but if you weren't already impressed, get ready. She's a 34-year-old mother of three! Paula says, "Robert, my husband, believes the BOTMs are all young chicks and I'm too old, so I need to prove him wrong!!!!" Easy on that old stuff, Paula. I'm 34 too, and we don't practice age discrimination unless it's regarding the publisher. You easily outshined all the young chicks in the BOTM folder this month, so you tell Robert he's a lucky man.

February 2004: Janice

There's nothing quite like a sun-drenched tan, a pair of anklets, and a GT-40 intake. At least that's the case if you're lucky enough to be Michael Giffone of Deer Park, New York. It's Michael's '91 LX that's adorned by his wife (sorry, fellas), Janice. Though she doesn't own the car, she does drive it now that Michael is done modifying it (she even helped pay for the mods!). When the car was stock, Janice banged the gears to a 14.3 e.t. Since then, Michael has added a Lightning 351 short-block topped with Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads and the aforementioned GT-40. The package is rounded out by an E303 cam, 24-lb/hr injectors, a 75mm mass air meter, and Janice in the driver seat. Michael says Janice can't wait to get it back to the track in its current form. I'm sure most of our readers would be ecstatic to have a wife excited to head to the track at all, much less to drive their car.

Think your gal is BOTM material? Then send your photos and cardescriptions to BOTM, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, 3816 Industry Blvd.,Lakeland, FL 33811, or finish.line@ primedia.com.

March 2004: Nikki

Matt Muller says he's the luckiest guy in the world 'cause he's got beauty and speed. We're not sure if he's talking about his lovely girlfriend, Nikki, perched on the hood, or about his black '98 Cobra convertible. He did spend quite a bit of his time talking about the Cobra, however. It's equipped with chrome Cobra R wheels, Bridgestone tires, lowering springs, a MAC H-pipe, a Pro-5.0 shifter, a DiabloSport chip, and a Saleen S351 wing. Nikki is equipped with--well--never mind. Matt does report that she's a car buff, who helps him keep the black Cobra in tip-top shape. And, she owns a Mineral Gray '02 V-6 Mustang of her own. Sounds like he really is a lucky man.

April 2004: Lee Ann

We've all heard the phrase "love is blind," but in Jim Walbert's case, love might just be color-blind. When he and his lovely wife, Lee Ann, purchased a Laser Red SN-95 for her to drive, it was in need of paint. Lee Ann wanted lime green with orange-yellow flames. It wouldn't be our first choice, but Jim took one look at Lee Ann and began sanding the car. She helped, and in a short while she had the eye-catching Mustang she wished for. Now that's love. In addition to the paint job, the car scored a Saleen wing, a hybrid Cobra R/SVO hood, 3.73 gears, an X-pipe, Flowmaster mufflers, and--naturally--clear taillights. Jim had a brass shift ball made for the car, and Lee Ann loves to bang the gears. We'd guess you'd have to have a brass shift ball in a lime-green Mustang. Hats off to Jim for delivering Lee Ann's dream Mustang.

May 2004: Jami

Would you let a family friend take photos of your 23-year-old daughter on the hood of said friend's Mustang as it sits in his garage? Well, somehow Ernie Tuller pulled it off when he convinced Jami Fritter to get cozy on the hood of his '01 Cobra convertible, which--oddly enough--Ernie describes as a family project he shares with his wife, Cheryl. The Cobra in question features a Classic Design Concepts light bar, MGW billet knobs and switches, and only 11,000 miles on the odo. Seriously, Ernie, if Cheryl's up for Jami lying on the hood, she'll probably let you add some power under the hood.

June 2004: Candice

Usually, guys are the ones sending us Babe of the Month photos. Most are lucky boyfriends or husbands. Some are just using the BOTM to get closer to the gals. And, the guys almost always own the Mustangs. Lately that's been changing, as a lot more gals are Mustang owners, and they are into modifying their rides. It's a beautiful thing.

The lucky guy behind the camera is Michael Frazier of Union Grove, Alabama. He snapped this shot of his wife, Candice, atop her '95 Mustang GTS (you know, the one-year-only, bare-bones model that harkened back to the 5.0 LX of the Fox days). Michael says Candice loves to improve her GTS as often as she can. "Since this picture was taken, she has added a Saleen wing and a Cobra R hood. This car has an H-pipe, flowmasters, a K&N Filter, and 3.73 gears. Candy really enjoys cars and her 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords magazine." She's obviously a woman of taste as well.

Think your gal is BOTM material? Then send your photos and car descriptions to BOTM, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, 3816 Industry Blvd., Lakeland, FL 33811, or finish.line@primedia.com.

July 2004: Erin

If at first you don't succeed, send in more photos. Such is the story of Ben Rexroad. He sent in a couple dark and distant photos of his girlfriend, Erin, over the e-mail pipe-line. Obviously, they wouldn't work for us. Fortunately, Ben came to his senses and sent us a whole CD full of photos. He didn't send those special outtakes we were hoping for, but he did include some much clearer shots of Erin in all her glory.

As Ben says, "If you look really closely, you may even see a Mustang in the picture." We couldn't find it, but Ben says it has a cold-air kit, an X-pipe, a Flowmaster after-cat, Ford Racing Performance Parts 3.73 gears, underdrive pulleys, a DiabloSport chip, a BBK 75mm throttle body, and Eibach springs. He's hoping to get the car to run in the 12s on motor, but it sounds as if he might want to spend more time with Erin, as the car received all the attention in his letter.

August 2004: Darcy

It's bad enough that everyone we run into seems to own an '03 or '04 Cobra. Now Alan Petter of Martinez, CA, has to rub it in even more. He owns the '03 Cobra in this photo, and the lovely lady distracting your eyes from it is Alan's "good friend and neighbor" Darcy. We're fairly sure Alan wants to get over to Darcy's as quickly as he can to borrow that cup of sugar he seems to need every day, twice a day. To expedite his drive over, he added a Bassani X-pipe, a Bassani after-cat, a Pro-5.0 shifter with MGW handle, a PHP air-filter assembly, a UPR clutch quadrant, a firewall adjuster, AFS 18-inch wheels, and Kumbo Ecsta MX treads. Some guys have all the luck.

September 2004: Jessica

"Hey! My name is Jessica and I have wanted to be a Babe of the Month in your Mustang magazine for so long!"

Tom Spisak, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is certainly a lucky man--not only because he's Jessica Wentz's boyfriend, but also because he's the owner of the '93 5.0 LX separating Jessica from the ground. Besides Jessica, the '93 is adorned with a K&N filter, an Edelbrock intake, 3.55 gears, BBK upper and lower control arms, BBK headers and off-road X-pipe, Flowmaster mufflers and tailpipes, and Weld Drag Lites.

Think your gal is BOTM material? Then send your photos and car descriptions to BOTM, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, 3816 Industry Blvd., Lakeland, FL 33811, or finish.line@primedia.com.

October 2004: Nicolle

For those complaining about too many girls in front of their boyfriends'cars, here's one for you. Steve Ramos of Jacksonville, Florida, took thephotos of his girlfriend, Nicolle, in front of her '03 Mustang GT. Steverightfully points out that we're not that concerned with his '95 GT, butNicolle is a different story. She's an aspiring model, and as Stevesays, "an awesome chick" who just happens to have installed the SteedaTri-Ax shifter and UPR cold-air kit on her own GT. Furthermore, sheperforms the oil changes on the car, which also features a Flowmasterafter-cat, MagnaFlow high-flow cats, and a few chrome bits under thehood. Since he took the pictures, we'll pass along that lucky dogSteve's '95 GT has a BBK cold-air, Ford Racing Performance Partsunderdrive pulleys, BBK short-tube headers, a Flowmaster after-cat, and'95 Cobra R wheels.

November 2004: Veronica

We're beginning to see a disturbing pattern here in BOTM. Apparently, ifyou own an '03-'04 Cobra, you also just happen to have a hot girlfriendor wife. Luck seems to run in streaks, and that's certainly true of AlexRodriguez. His garage is home to a 400hp '03 Cobra with a Steedacold-air kit and Flowmaster mufflers, and his heart is home to hislovely wife, Veronica. Alex says Veronica gets more looks than theCobra, which is no surprise to us. Of course, Alex wants the Cobra toget more looks, but we're fairly sure even the Falken Koblenz rims,Eibach springs, and power bolt-ons he has planned won't be enough toovershadow Veronica.

December 2004: Dani

It's tough work. Once a month I force myself to go through the 5.0&SFfiles to select the coveted BOTM winner. Some months the going is easierthan others, and on rare occasions some entries are so good they don'teven make it to the main folder--they go straight into the magazine. Asyou might guess, this is one of those instances. Sent in by Scott Palmerof Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this photo shows Dani Compton--all 5'7", 125pounds, and 36-24-34 of her with Scott's '01 Candy Red droptop. You knowall you need to about Dani (her phone number wasn't included), butScott's car is loaded with mods, including a 12,000-watt(!) JL Audiosystem, 3.73 gears, Cobra R rims, a Flowmaster exhaust, and a cold-airintake.