July 5, 2007

The current BOTM from 2004. Since we'll be adding more Babes as the year continues , you'll need to check back often. Too bad, eh?

January 2004: Paula

Anybody thirsty for a Corona? Want some lime to go with that? How about a '97 Mustang GT with a Superchip, a BBK cold-air kit, underdrive pulleys, Cobra R wheels, a Bullitt fuel door, sequential taillights, Flowmaster mufflers, a Mach 1 chin spoiler, Steeda Sport springs, and 3.90 gears? Yeah, yeah, we're getting to it. For those who turn to this page first, you are checking out Paula Filiplak of North Charleston, South Carolina. Not only is this her car, but she's also been a subscriber of 5.0&SF for three years. She's obviously a woman of taste, but if you weren't already impressed, get ready. She's a 34-year-old mother of three! Paula says, "Robert, my husband, believes the BOTMs are all young chicks and I'm too old, so I need to prove him wrong!!!!" Easy on that old stuff, Paula. I'm 34 too, and we don't practice age discrimination unless it's regarding the publisher. You easily outshined all the young chicks in the BOTM folder this month, so you tell Robert he's a lucky man.

February 2004: Janice

There's nothing quite like a sun-drenched tan, a pair of anklets, and a GT-40 intake. At least that's the case if you're lucky enough to be Michael Giffone of Deer Park, New York. It's Michael's '91 LX that's adorned by his wife (sorry, fellas), Janice. Though she doesn't own the car, she does drive it now that Michael is done modifying it (she even helped pay for the mods!). When the car was stock, Janice banged the gears to a 14.3 e.t. Since then, Michael has added a Lightning 351 short-block topped with Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads and the aforementioned GT-40. The package is rounded out by an E303 cam, 24-lb/hr injectors, a 75mm mass air meter, and Janice in the driver seat. Michael says Janice can't wait to get it back to the track in its current form. I'm sure most of our readers would be ecstatic to have a wife excited to head to the track at all, much less to drive their car.

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March 2004: Nikki

Matt Muller says he's the luckiest guy in the world 'cause he's got beauty and speed. We're not sure if he's talking about his lovely girlfriend, Nikki, perched on the hood, or about his black '98 Cobra convertible. He did spend quite a bit of his time talking about the Cobra, however. It's equipped with chrome Cobra R wheels, Bridgestone tires, lowering springs, a MAC H-pipe, a Pro-5.0 shifter, a DiabloSport chip, and a Saleen S351 wing. Nikki is equipped with--well--never mind. Matt does report that she's a car buff, who helps him keep the black Cobra in tip-top shape. And, she owns a Mineral Gray '02 V-6 Mustang of her own. Sounds like he really is a lucky man.

April 2004: Lee Ann

We've all heard the phrase "love is blind," but in Jim Walbert's case, love might just be color-blind. When he and his lovely wife, Lee Ann, purchased a Laser Red SN-95 for her to drive, it was in need of paint. Lee Ann wanted lime green with orange-yellow flames. It wouldn't be our first choice, but Jim took one look at Lee Ann and began sanding the car. She helped, and in a short while she had the eye-catching Mustang she wished for. Now that's love. In addition to the paint job, the car scored a Saleen wing, a hybrid Cobra R/SVO hood, 3.73 gears, an X-pipe, Flowmaster mufflers, and--naturally--clear taillights. Jim had a brass shift ball made for the car, and Lee Ann loves to bang the gears. We'd guess you'd have to have a brass shift ball in a lime-green Mustang. Hats off to Jim for delivering Lee Ann's dream Mustang.