February 2, 2004

September 2003: Damaris

We've always been suckers for a pretty face, especially one in a supercharged, silver '02 GT. Seated in Matthew Lambrecht's ride is his girlfriend, Damaris, who happens to own an '00 V-6 convertible of her own. Heck, one look at her and Matthew was probably ready to sign over the title to his '02. Then he remembered how much he spent on the car. Carrying a ProCharger P-1SC supercharger pullied for 12 pounds of boost and tuned up via a DiabloSport chip, this car is ready to rumble. BBK headers, a BBK H-pipe, custom electronic exhaust cutouts, and a MagnaFlow after-cat exhaust help make the noise, and Matthew can open up those cut-outs and rev the motor to distract all those guys staring at Damaris. Fortunately, in the magazine you have no such distractions.

October 2003: Tonie

Does your wife or girlfriend complain about all the time you spend on your Mustang? Does she refuse to wear a bikini and lie on your Mustang? Well, get this--Rob Wakefield's wife, Tonie, likes to help him work on their Mustang, and she owns 75 bikinis, which is saying something for a girl who lives in Connecticut. Rob reports that he recently set out to install a new tranny in his '89 Mustang, and the job took only an hour because his wife crawled under the car and helped. Now that's love. The Wakefields' car features an '85 302 block bored 0.030 over and completed with Trick Flow Track Heat heads, a Ford Racing Performance Parts E303 camshaft, BBK headers, a 600-cfm Edelbrock carb, Flowmaster mufflers, and the aforementioned Tremec 3550.

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November 2003: Jennifer

What's sleek, silver, Steedafied, and actually owned by a tall redhead? That would be Jennifer's '03 Mustang. Sure it's a V-6, but did we mention this is Jennifer's car? In addition to the Steeda sticker package, this V-6 is equipped with Steeda Sport springs, a Steeda front sway bar, a Steeda strut-tower brace, Steeda caster/camber plates, and Tokico struts and shocks--and that's just the handling. Underhood, the car sports a custom ram-air kit, MAC high-flow headers, an H-pipe, a Flowmaster two-chamber dual exhaust, a MAC cold-air induction, a K&N air filter, a BBK throttle body, a ported intake manifold, and a custom-programmed Superchips computer chip. It has run a best of 14.68, which is a good thing, 'cause we're sure Jennifer has to outrun throngs of potential suitors. They must be beginning to catch up, however, as she plans to add "3.73 gears, sport seats, slotted rotors, an underdrive pulley, and pos-sibly a supercharger, if funds permit." Now that's our kind of BOTM!

December 2003: Missa

It took Mike Welsh two tries to get us to run photos of his '93 GT convertible, which is stock save for Flowmasters, an aftermarket stereo, and a hood ornament named Missa! Unfortunately, after all that effort, Mike didn't have much else to say about Missa--or the car for that matter--since he was probably as speechless as we are. The mere fact that he got her to pose on his car is impressive. He did say that her reward for taking the shots was driving the car for the day. Mike says Missa loves '80s muscle, and she left some ricers in the dust. Works for us.