February 2, 2004

May 2003: Jess

Having a budding model such as Jess here roll around on Tom Frascone's Mustang would have been just a dream without the BOTM. I mean, how else could he get her to pose on his '94 GT convertible? A chance at being BOTM was his only shot, and it paid off. He had Jess pose with his car, and he even had part of it show up in 5.0&SF. The Mustang in question features an aftermarket exhaust, a thick radiator, a heavy-duty clutch, and a full-boogie stereo thanks to sponsorship from www.auto-enhancements.com. Tom is planning to install a blower, a Saleen body kit, and more--but you really want to know about Jess' plans, don't you? Well, the 18-year-old recently signed a modeling contract and is planning to buy a supercharged Roush once those checks start rolling in (don't send those marriage proposals to us!).

Think your gal is BOTM material? Then send your photos and cardescriptions to BOTM, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, 3816 Industry Blvd.,Lakeland, FL 33811, or finish.line@ primedia.com.

June 2003: Courtney

This one's a first for Babe of the Month. It seems Randy Hicks' mom, Susan, submitted this shot of a girl adorning the hood of her son's car. She writes, "Courtney Moser of Orville, Ohio, is sitting on Randy Hicks' '98 Cobra with 12,000 miles. The car has MAC long-tube headers, a Dr. Gas X-pipe, and a MAC 3-inch after-cat with 4.11 gears. Courtney has agreed to drive the car in the spring, only after a 10-pound ProCharger has been added. Until then, she will remain a hood ornament." And what a hood ornament she is, Mrs. Hicks.

July 2003: Marissa

Tanner Richardson of Grass Valley, California, says we must be crazy if we don't run his girlfriend, Marissa Painter, as BOTM. Well, Tanner, we're not sure this means we're not crazy, but it does mean you have good taste in cars and women. Once you guys are done trying to peer through those holes in her bikini bottom, you'll realize there's a yellow Mustang in that photo somewhere. That's Tanner's '98 GT, which sports a Saleen body kit, Cobra R wheels, an Edelbrock 70mm throttle body, an MSD ignition, a Bassani X-pipe, and much more.

August 2003: Denise

Christopher Capobianco of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, says he can't go to bed at night without reading at least five pages of 5.0&SF, and he wishes the magazine was published weekly. Well, the staff would be in a mental ward trying to put out a weekly, but we might snap out of it if Chris talked his pal Denise into posing for his other pal Matt's camera again. Bam! Chris didn't say much about Denise, but we'd say the photo is certainly worth 1,000 bams. As for the car, it runs 11.70s thanks to a Nitrous Pete-built 306, a Vortech S-Trim, and a Lentech AOD. Chris, if you get some of that junk out of your trunk, you might just get the Cobra into the 11.50s, if you know what we're sayin'.