February 2, 2004

September 2001: Margaret

For all the gals complaining about shots of babes with their boyfriends' cars, Margaret "Pinky" Jimenez of Miami, Florida, sent us this pic of her LX coupe. Obviously, Margaret likes pink, as evidenced by the bikini and the scarf on the antenna. What doesn't show up behind Margaret is the Pink Pearl paint mixed into the Oxford White. Don't think Margaret is all about showing off, however. Most of her Miami vices an E303 cam, ported heads, cold-air induction, a 2-1/2-inch exhaust, a larger mass air, and more are hidden under the hood. By the way, if you try to chase Margaret down, you might need to turn on the nitrous bottle. This little naturally aspirated coupe has enough junk in front of the trunk to run 12s in the quarter.

October 2001: Christina

You can take the boy out of 5.0, but you can't take the 5.0 out of the boy. Former editor Rob Kinnan, now manning the keyboard at ProMedia Publishing's NMRA Race Pages and Fastest Street Car mags, was kind enough to send us this photo of his bikini-clad new wife, Christina, straight from their honeymoon in Jamaica. (Congratulations to the Kinnans!) Since she was stuck on an island with Rob, Christina obviously had to bring something to read, and what better than a smokin' issue of 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords. Way to go, Christina. As for Rob, rumor has it he's turning his daily driver into a Real Street car to clash with our Project Real Street. It's a good thing Christina is reading 5.0&SF so she can give him some tips.

November 2001: Juan's Girl

Juan Moya of San Jose, California, wrote that his girl went out and bought a Stratus without asking him, but she agreed to trade it in for an '01 Mustang Cobra if her picture appeared in Babe of the Month. It's certainly hard to turn down a man in need, and it didn't hurt that Juan's girl apparently wouldn't mind trading in her dress for something a little less restrictive. Speaking of restrictions, Juan has removed several of them from his '96 Mustang Cobra (yeah, the white car in the background!). In the seven months he has owned it, Juan has already added a March ram-air kit, underdrive pulleys, a Pro-5.0 shifter, and Flowmaster mufflers. Next on the list is an X-pipe for Juan's car and a '01 Cobra for his girlfriend. Maybe she should get a convertible so she can ride around topless all the time.

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December 2001: Cristye

Just when we thought it wasn't safe to look in the BOTM file again, Cristye Butler of Columbus, Ohio, came to the rescue. Now that you know her name and location, you've probably stopped reading this caption, haven't you? Cristye is not only smokin' hot, but she's hot for Mustangs too. Dream come true, right? Yep, this '98 GT is hers, and she likes modifying it. So far it has received 18x9 Cobra R wheels, Eibach springs, a billet grille, a Cobra grille insert, clear side-marker lenses, Euro taillights, custom floormats, and the kind of loving caress our Mustangs can only dream about. Not content with simply looking good "really good" Cristye plans to add more power courtesy of underdrive pulleys, a throttle body, a high-flow H-pipe, and a Flowmaster exhaust. Sounds like a great plan, Cristye there's just one problem. Your letter said you sent two photos and we got only one. If you want to save the 5.0&SF staff from doing oil changes on some Buick Park Avenue in the parking lot until the second photo is found, you better send that other photo so the editor will call off the search.